GC New York - Groupstage matches online
All match ups of the group stage are available now.
The complete match ups for the group stage of the tournaments at the Global Challenge New York are now available online. You can find them above in the menu for each game under "Groupstage" or check the links below.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Group Stage
StarCraft II Group Stage
League of Legends Group Stage

The League of Legends team Sypher had to cancel their participation. This spot will be taken by CLG while we are still seeking for a replacement for the last open spot.

As you were! Due to a misconception we announced Sypher's cancelation some minutes ago. The fact is, the French LoL team will travel to New York and will participate in our tournament. Therefore we won't change groups and CLG stays in that tough group A.

On Thursday the 13th of October the Global Challenge New York will kick-off at the New York ComicCon. For four days many of the best professional gamers in the world will compete in Counter-Strike, League of Legends and StarCraft 2 for a total of $93,000 in prize money.
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Do you think you might want to let Sypher know they aren't participating? Afaik they fly out there tomorrow!
For for days? Yo dawg, I heard you like for
We were announced in group B, no one told us we will be in group A ... why shall have we planned to play one day before ? Funny !

A bit early for an april fool !
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