[SC2] TOP and FruitDealer will attend New York
The last two spots for the StarCraft 2 tournament have been filled.
Former GSL champion FruitDealer and Code S finalist TOP will be competing in the $21,000 tournament from the 13-16th of October in New York. World-class Terran TOP will find himself in Group C against young-guns MaNa and Pokebunny and seasoned veteran TT1. Meanwhile Zerg-maniac FruitDealer will face Axslav, Edge and Guangzhou finalist elfittaja in Group D.

This completes the StarCraft 2 tournament roster after DongRaeGu and Killer were announced a few days ago. Below you can see all the groups for StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike. On a sidenote, Black & Yellow replaces Backfire in the Counter-Strike tournament.
1380923, Monday, 10/10/11 10:25
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