Exclusive: CS:GO Showmatches on ESL TV
Global Offensive at New York Comic Con
Only one week after our tournament in China, the international eSports elite will meet again from Thursday to Sunday. Intel Extreme Masters' Global Challenge New York will feature tournaments in CS 1.6, StarCraft II and League of Legends and $93,000 in prize money. On top of that we will present the very first showmatches in the history of Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Valve will be at New York's Comic Con to present their upcoming sequel of the Counter-Strike series. We will host two showmatches featuring professional CS 1.6 teams and players of the Global Challenge New York, who will play the first public eSports match in the history of CS: Global Offensive, which is still in development. Both matches will be broadcasted live on ESL TV!

CS:GO show matches at Global Challenge New York

Thu, 13/10/11 18:00 EST - CS:GO Showmatch #1: 2 Teams of Group A
Sat, 15/10/11 18:00 EST - CS:GO Showmatch #2: America vs. Europe

Intel Extreme Masters - GC New York
October 13th - 16th 2011 - USA, New York Comic Con
otacon, Monday, 10/10/11 13:15
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nice !!!
Wow great. I cant wait to see this on Friday Night.
i will watch it
wann is release von counter strike: global offensive?
It's only announced that it's targeted for release in early 2012.
01.00 EEST means that its 01.00 UK time?
In my opinion the game seems pretty cool.
Boot wrote:
01.00 EEST means that its 01.00 UK time?
No, EEST is UTC+3, which is your time zone in Finland, so just stick to that. UK time is currently UTC+1. The news' dates use the timezone you have entered here: http://www.esl-world.net/masters//timezone/
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on which stream we can watch this?
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