[CS] WinFakt to replace Moscow Five in New York
The Russian team Moscow Five will not be able to attend the Global Challenge New York because one of their players will not be able to obtain a Visa. Out of the possible replacements, WinFakt was the first team who accepted to fill the open spot.
The Finnish team will now be the third European representative for Counter-Strike together with mTw and SK Gaming. WinFakt will be in Group B where they meet SK Gaming from Sweden, Temporary from the United States and semXorah from Brazil.



Group AGroup B
Team EG WinFakt
mTw Temporary
ATE Gaming SK Gaming
Backfire semXorah

The Global Challenge New York will take place from the 13-16th of October at the New York ComicCon. The Counter-Strike tournament will have a $40,000 prize purse.
1380923, Wednesday, 28/09/11 11:30
Global Challenge New York
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why not mouz sports??? place 4 was mouz not winfakt???
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