Global Challenge New York Groups
The Global Challenge New York takes place from the 13-16th of October at the New York ComicCon. Below you can find the groups for StarCraft, Counter-Strike and League of Legends. Some spots are still open at this point in time and will be filled in the near future.

League of Legends


Group A Group B Group A Group B
fnatic SK Gaming Team EG Moscow Five
Team Dignitas Sypher mTw Temporary
Team Solomid Team Rez ATE Gaming SK Gaming
Asia Team Curse Backfire semXorah

StarCraft II - Groupstage

Group A Group B Group C Group D
SjoW Strelok MaNa elfittaja
KiLLeR qxc TT1 Axslav
Attero Gatored Pokebunny Edge
Korean Invite #1 Korean Invite #2 Asia Korean Invite #3

You can see all these players and teams in action and maybe catch a first glimpse of CS:GO at the Global Challenge New York.
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only 1 zerg???
only 0 protoss in ro16 of code s!!
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