More GC New York qualifier action this weekend
EU qualification enters 2nd round before finishing next weekend
This weekend all three games represented in this Intel Extreme Masters season will be in action when the European community continues its qualification for the Global Challenge New York. The start is marked by League of Legends with the second pre-qualifier where the last four spots for the final qualifier on the 10th of September are decided. Several well known European teams, among them Millenium, Fnatic.MSI, SK-Gaming and Frag eXecutors. They all will have their second and final chance to be among the eight teams that will fight for three spots for the New York next weekend.

EU East/Nordic Qualifier #2 - Top 2 advance to Final Qualifier - 03/09/11 09:00 EST
EU West Qualifier #2 - Top 2 advance to Final Qualifier - 03/09/11 09:00 EST

Tomorrow Counter-Strike and StarCraft 2 will see their fair share of action. For the CTs and Ts it is also the second and last pre-qualifier before the final one next weekend. Currently there are 90 sign ups, among them virtually every European top team who did not qualify last week.

European Qualifier #2 - Top 2 qualify for GC New York - 04/09/11 08:00 EST
European Qualifier #2 - Top 4 advance to Final Qualifier - 04/09/11 08:00 EST

The action packed weekend is rounded off with StarCraft 2 where the top 2 players will qualify directly for New York. Many of Europe’s top players who did not qualify last Thursday are signed up again which should provide many great match ups. The whole tournament will be casted again by MrBitter and RotterdaM on the English stream and TaKe on the German one. The action will start at 14:00 CEST.
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