What's going on with New York's qualifiers?
Who will meet at the Big Apple?
While the qualifiers for Guangzhou's Global Challenge are almost finished, the ones for New York just started. During the weekend the first took place in Europe, for Counter-Strike and League of Legends. Each game will have 2 normal qualifiers where the top 4 of each move onto the final qualifier where the spots for New York will be determined.

Moscow Five
mTw int.
Lions eSportKlubb
  LoL West
Team Just.MSI
Team Sypher
LoL East & Nordic
Reason Gaming.Go4LoL

The Counter-Strike qualifier had two big upsets when AGAiN lost in the 2nd round against HighRollersGaming from Moldova and later on when Lions eSportKlubb took out SK Gaming. The next round of qualifiers for both games will happen on the 3rd (LoL) and 4th (CS) of September and the final qualifiers will be on the 10th (LoL) and 11th (CS).
otacon, Tuesday, 30/08/11 09:55
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