Name MMA vs. dimaga Date 22/01/12
File size 153 kB Category replay/demo
File name  71075365.sc2replay
League  Intel Extreme Masters Season 6 Global Challenge Kiev StarCraft II Playoffs
Match /play/archive/esl-world/masters/season6/kiev/sc2/playoffs/match/25056318/
Match media 3 - Terminus SE
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comments ( 5 )  
22/01/12 20:55  #1
Its same replay as game 2 Shakuras Plateau
23/01/12 15:19  #2
Wrong replay, its duplicat of another game! Map is not Terminus. Fix plz
24/01/12 21:19  #3
Thanks for the hint. I'm investigating.
26/01/12 21:49  #4
Yeah this rep file is the same as game 2 on Shakuras Plateau, so is the rep file for this game in the Replay Pack, plz fix if possible.
12/03/12 17:23  #5
please fix this... This replay is duplicate of Shakuras Plateau game....
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