Welcome to the Finals of Kiev
Grand Final MMA - DIMAGA
[22:15] The final is over. MMA won the title of Kiev with a 3-1 over DIMAGA. In return the fan favorite from Ukraine won the SICK NERD BALLER Award.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who followed us this weekend on the streams, the website, on Twitter or Facebook. Special shout out to all the BarCrafts going on around the world. You guys are great.

We hope you liked it and we hope to see you in Sao Paulo!

[20:41] It is time for the last game of the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Kiev: The StarCraft II Grand Final between DIMAGA and MMA.

[20:21] Kas has done it. He won the 3rd place in Kiev with a 3-2 over Zenio in what has been the most epic series in the tournament so far. The crowd celebrates him like he just took the first place, they are proud of their fellow countryman.

Should DIMAGA win against MMA in the upcoming final the CyberSport Arena will go wild, for sure.

[19:49] The third place match in StarCraft II just entered its fifth and final map. Kas and Zenio are showing us a great series and it will now be decided on the last map.

[18:32] The first two out of three MVP titles have been decided:

MVP: Zeus (Natus Vincere)
I CARRIED KIEV: Diamondez (Moscow 5)

[17:50] The second local hero just won the second grand final. The support of the crowd here is amazing. But even more amazing was the outstanding play of Moscow Five. In two out of three matches they just outplayed Solomid like they did in their previous games using uncommon champions and builds and fighting for every buff available on the map with impressing teamplay. First thing Moscow Five did after killing TSM's Nexus for the second time? They packed their equipment. That's discipline you need to win a Global Challenge!

[17:38] DIMAGA managed to win his Semi-Final against Kas with a close 3-2. Afterwards the All-Korean Semi-Final between MMA and Zenio started. MMA showed his strength and why he is the tournament favorite with a clear 3-0 over Zenio. The Grand Final tonight will be DIMAGA vs. MMA.

Meanwhile Moscow Five and Team SoloMid are on the third and final round after the Americans won the second round in a very convincing fashion.

[16:25] The first StarCraft II Semi-Final between DIMAGA and Kas is tied at 2-2 right now and the fifth and deciding match is live.

Meanwhile in the League of Legends Grand Final, Moscow 5 continues to show a dominating performance and are leading right now with 1-0 against Team SoloMid.

[15:09] We've seen an amazing and entertaining series with some of the world's best League of Legends players and exciting champions such as (Jungle) Pantheon, AP Tristana and Akali. In the end Dignitas managed to take the third place. After congratulating to their victory, Ocelote sits down at Dignitas' area and starts in-depth AP carry talking with Scarra for several minutes.

[14:39] The League of Legends 3rd place match is still going on between SK Gaming and Team Dignitas. The score is 1-1 right now and the third map is live. The Grand Final between Moscow 5 and Team SoloMid will start in around 30 minutes.

The vote for the MVP in Counter-Strike will stay open until 16 CET / 17 EET.

[13:50] Natus Vincere just won the Counter-Strike Grand Final with 2-0 over SK Gaming. The two time Intel Extreme Masters champion showed a dominating performance and is now qualified for the world finals. And originally they weren't even qualified for Kiev. What a story to tell.

Important: The vote for the Counter-Strike MVP will stay open a little longer due to our current website issues.

[12:20] The 3rd place match in League of Legends between SK Gaming and Team Dignitas is underway. The Counter-Strike Grand Final is starting any second. The visitors at CyberSport Arena will surely give Natus Vincere a lot of support.

[12:05] The maps for the Counter-Strike Grand Final have been chosen. It will start on de_inferno, picked by SK, follwed by de_train, picked by Na'Vi. If a third map is needed it will be de_dust2. Oldschool!

[11:30] Everyone make sure that they cast their votes for the three MVP titles that will be given out today. Counter-Strike will be the first Grand Final and also be the first MVP title that we'll give out. So vote now.


[11:22] Hello and welcome everyone to the fourth and final day of the Global Challenge Kiev, live from the CyberSport Arena. A total of seven games will be played out today, including all three Grand Finals. See for yourself what we have in store:

22/01/12 05:00 EDT Grand Final: Na'Vi vs. SK Gaming
22/01/12 05:00 EDT 3rd Place Match: SK Gaming vs. Team Dignitas
22/01/12 08:00 EDT Semi Final #1: DIMAGA vs. Kas
22/01/12 08:30 EDT Grand Final: Moscow 5 vs. Team SoloMid
22/01/12 09:30 EDT Semi Final #2: Zenio vs. MMA
22/01/12 11:00 EDT 3rd Place Match: Kas vs. Zenio
22/01/12 12:30 EDT Grand Final: dimaga vs. MMA
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