Preliminary Season Ranking from Kiev
The last chance to gain points for League of Legends and Counter-Strike
To show the impact of the Global Challenge Kiev on the Season Rankings we have created a preliminary ranking that you can see below. For Counter-Strike and League of Legends this event is the last before the World Championship and that means the final results of this event will determine the final rankings. StarCraft II players still have a chance to improve their ranking at the Global Challenge Sao Paulo.

Preliminary Ranking Rules

These rankings are not final, they are preliminary
Teams and players who participate in Kiev are marked with a * behind their points
Teams and players that went out in the group stage received the points they are entitled too
Teams and players in the play-offs received the minimum amount of points they can receive (for now), so 4th place points for Counter-Strike and League of Legends, 25, and 5-8th place points in StarCraft II, 20.
The tie-breaker rules which determine the standing when two or more teams or players have the same points were not taken into account. This is why teams and players with the same amont of points are ranked at the same place.



1st WinFakt125*
2nd fnatic115*
2nd SK Gaming115*
4th mousesports75*
5th mTw 45
6th eFuture25
6th UMX.us25
6th Natus Vincere25*
6th Moscow Five25*
10th Anexis15
10th Tyloo15
10th Team EG15
10th CheckSix15
10th Lions15*
15th Immunity10
15th XCN10
15th B&Y10
15th semXorah10
15th DTS10*

League of Legends

1st CLG180
2nd SK Gaming150*
3rd fnatic135
4th World Elite90
4th Solomid90*
6th Sypher55*
7th Millenium40
8th Dignitas40*
9th Curse30*
10th EHOME25
10th Moscow Five25*
10th iG25
13th Alternate15
13th aAa15*
14th myRevenge10
14th Frag X10
14th CG.Inno3D10
14th Flash10
14th v8esports10
14th White Lotus10*

StarCraft II

# Player Points
1st MC 190
2nd PuMa 165
3rd IdrA 110
3rd DongRaeGu 110
5th elfittaja 100
6th Fruitdealer 80
6th Sound 80
8th JYP 75
9th MaNa 65
10th 60
10th DIMAGA 60*
12th Socke 40
12th Nerchio 40
12th HasuObs 40*
12th Kas 40*
12th Strelok 40*
17th Gatored 35
17th viOLet 35
19th Killer 30
20th SeleCT 20
20th mOOnGLaDe 20
20th Revival 20
20th TOP 20
20th TT1 20
20th ReaL 20
20th MarineKing 20
20th Stephano 20
20th NaNiwa 20*
20th MMA 20*
20th Feast 20*
20th White-Ra 20*
20th Zenio 20*
20th Pomi 20*

The complete Seasong ranking - without any points from Global Challenge Kiev - is available here.
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