Ocelote to teach Cassiopeia live at ESL TV
12 Weeks: LoL to start at Global Challenge Kiev
Live here at Global Challenge Kiev ESL TV's MrBitter is starting his new show 12 Weeks: LoL, where he speaks with the star players of League of Legends and gets an in-depth look on their playstyle. The first guest will be SK's Spanish AP player 5210513.

At 21/01/12 07:30 EDT he will be talking about Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace, and the role of the AP carry, things to consider when selecting an AP carry, laning strategies and builds. And then a friendly noob-bash of MrBitter, as he tries to play under his tutelage. If you can't watch live, VoDs will be made available at www.esl.tv, and on YouTube.
otacon, Saturday, 21/01/12 05:30
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Where can i see this?
shouldnt it be started by now?
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