The Three-Way-Tie Situation of Group D
Why did Dimaga and Feast advance?
Since the situation in StarCraft II group's raised some questions, we wanted to give you a detailed explanation on how Feast and Dimaga advanced to the playoffs, but HerO didn't.

This is a quote from the player's guide, which every player received one week prior to the event.
"If two or more StarCraft II players are tied by points and round/map difference after the groupstage the final ranking will be decided by ...
1. points among tied participants

So here is how we went through it:
Tied by points: Dimaga (6), HerO (6), Feast (6)
Tied by map difference: Dimaga (5:2), Feast (4:3), HerO (5:4)

Dimaga had a better map difference than Feast and HerO. They both have +1 while Dimaga has +3. He is to be excluded from this point and ranked first.

Next up we created a mini league, which only contained Feast and HerO though and there the "points among tied participants" was 3 for Feast and 0 for HerO as he lost the game between the two of them.
otacon, Friday, 20/01/12 16:58
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