Tomorrow's matchups in the playoffs
This is your Saturday!
After two days with almost 50 matches the groupstage has ended. From now on it will be do or die in every single match. All first and second played participants will meet respective counterparts in the semi finals or quarter finals in StarCraft II, which will be played tomorrow.

21/01/12 05:00 EDT Semi Final #1: fnatic vs. Na'Vi
21/01/12 07:40 EDT Semi Final #2: SK Gaming vs. Moscow Five
21/01/12 09:00 EDT Semi Final #1: SK Gaming vs. Moscow Five
21/01/12 10:30 EDT Quarter Final #1: Pomi vs. dimaga
21/01/12 11:00 EDT 3rd Place Match: tbd vs. tbd
21/01/12 12:00 EDT Quarter Final #2: White-Ra vs. Kas
21/01/12 12:10 EDT Semi Final #2: Team Solomid vs. Team Dignitas
21/01/12 13:30 EDT Quarter Final #3: Naniwa vs. Zenio
21/01/12 15:00 EDT Quarter Final #4: Feast vs. MMA

Have a good night and see you tomorrow.
otacon, Friday, 20/01/12 16:38
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