Day 2 - Live Coverage
Counter-Strike's group of death
[21:17] Intel Extreme Masters newcomer Feast from Belgium has just won his first match against qxc with 2-0. A very good start for the talented Protoss. Korean HerO won the opening match of Group D in an epic third match over local hero DIMAGA with 2-1.

[21:30] We just uploaded couple of more impressions from the CyberSports Arena. Have a look at our gallery, if you like watching Carmac lifting things.

[21:05] One hour of finest League of Legends conference at ESL TV is over and so is the LoL groupstage. Both French teams have been eliminated from group B and left the Arena immediately. This leaves Dignitas and Moscow for tomorrow's playoffs, where Dignitas will meet their fellow-countrymen from Solomid. But the first semi final will be SK Gaming against the local heroes from Moscow Five.

[18:45] Dignitas is back on track after winning over the French guys from aAa. The last and final games will start at 20:00 EET and still every team has the chance to reach the playoffs. So each of them will use the next hour to practice, practice, practice, you think? Well, aAa is scrimming with Sypher; Moscow Five seems to be confused about the discipline, since they are playing DotA 2 and Dignitas is just enjoying the Internet, while IamQtpie is playing the lovely game Binding of Isaac. As long as I Will Dominate from Dignitas still sticks to his previous statement:

[17:05] After White Lotus dropping out yesterday, Moscow Five is now the somehow local team and therefore supported by the audience at CyperSport Arena. Every kill or just a clutch play (such as Gangplank stealing Blue at Level 1 and teleporting to his top lane) gets applauded, especially when there is an AD Kennen involved. Next LoL match will be up in 40 minutes with Dignitas and aAa.

[13:59] While HasuObs is currently leading 1:0 against MMA, we can announce that the rematch of NightEnD vs. Zenio will be played after Group C has finished this afternoon.

[13:21] The first games have gone live. In League of Legends the all-French duel between Against All Authority and Sypher is currently on ESL TV while in Counter-Strike mousesports are playing their first match against Moscow Five, also on ESL TV of course.

[12:05] Before the start of today's StarCraft II matches we will let every player test the PCs until they are satisfied and commit to playing with confidence. If delays to the schedule occur it will be because we would like triple check that the players are comfortable.

[11:07] The first day of the StarCraft II tournament came with some lag issues which led to incidents and a lot of discussion in the community. Intel Extreme Masters Product Manager Michal 'Carmac' Blicharz wrote a long statement regarding that and posted it on reddit and TeamLiquid.

In the last match of the evening between Zenio and NightEnD, the decider for who takes the second play-off place in the group, was also affected by lag in the third and last map. A decision regarding a rematch was made later on and also published.

[10:58] Welcome to the second day of the event here in the CyberSport Arena in Kiev. Today we'll see the second half of the group stage being played out.

In Counter-Strike it will be a tough one with fnatic, WinFakt, Moscow Five and mousesports fighting for the top two places to advance to the play-offs. WinFakt captain described it in our interview as "a coin flip".

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