Regame for Zenio vs. NightEnD
NightEnD gets another chance
In today's last StarCraft II match between Zenio and NightEnD the Romanian Protoss player experienced major lag issues during an important fight on Dual Sight, the third and final map. After two hours players and admins reached the following conclusion: There will be a regame between Zenio and NightEnD. As the disadvantaged player, Zenio is entitled to decide if he wants to rerun only the third map or the whole best of three. The match will be played tomorrow and broadcasted by Apollo and TLO after Group C is finished.
otacon, Thursday, 19/01/12 18:07
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Showing of pretty good sportmanship right there. I was watching that last map and felt the battle could (and would) have had a different outcome if the lagspikes didn't occur.

Seeing as this happened on the third map only, I don't think the whole BO3 should be replayed though.
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