The videos of the first day in Kiev
Ocelote, lurppis, TiTan, ceh9, we got them all!
Throughout the first day of the Global Challenge Kiev, ESL TV produced several videos and interviews with some of the pro's. WinFakt captain lurppis talks about tomorrows group, TiTan thinks about StarCraft all the time, Scarra meets the real Carmac and we show you how the CyberSport Arena look from the inside.

TitaN: "Playing 5 hours per day and thinking about Starcraft all time"
ceh9: "We can't concentrate online as we do in LAN"
SK.ocelote: "We got really high chances doing good here!"
lurppis: "Playing our group is like a coinflip"
dignitas`Scarra meets Carmac, not famous Uszat
1380923, Thursday, 19/01/12 17:25
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