Team iG to get compensation points for Kiev
Chinese top team iG still with a chance to go to World Championship
As we announced a few days ago, Team iG was unable to acquire their visa in time and did not make it to Kiev for the last League of Legends Global Challenge of this season. The situation was party the fault on the side of ESL's partners, therefore the team will get ranking points that will count towards the seasonal ranking.

The situation arose due to the late arrival of the proper invitation forms from Ukraine due to the Christmas period in Ukraine. As this put iG out of the tournament they qualified for, the Chinese team will receive 10 Season 6 Ranking points as if they had attended the event without winning a match.

We are deeply sorry for iG missing out this chance, not only to play in Kiev but also to represent the Asian scene in this hugely important tournament.
Soodi, Wednesday, 18/01/12 11:14
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