[SC2] Updated Season Rankings after the HSC IV
MC conquers the top spot. Sound qualifies for the World Championships.
After the HomeStoryCup IV has been finished we've updated the Season Rankings. The new leader is HSC IV winner MC who has surpassed the former leader and Global Challenge Cologne winner PuMa. The top three is completed by the winner of the Global Challenge Guangzhou, IdrA from America. HSC IV finalist and 2nd place finisher Sound is new in the Top 10 and has his ticket for the World Championships already secured.

#PlayerRegionQualified for WC 2011/12Points
1st MCAsia *#1 Asia 190
2nd PuMaAsiaTop2 Cologne165
3rd IdrAAmerica *#1 America 110
4th DongRaeGuAsiaTop2 New York110
5th elfittajaEuropa *#1 Europe 100
6th FruitdealerAsiaTop 2 New York80
7th SoundAsiaTop2 HSC IV80
8th JYPAsia 75
9th MaNaEurope 65
10th KiLLeR.clAmerica60

Full Ranking with all details

In case of a tie-break situation the player or team, in Counter-Strike and League of Legends, with the better results is considered ahead. Should there still be a tie-break situation afterwards, the event ranking is deciding. It is calculated by the total points the players or teams of a specific event have accumulated over the entire season.

The Global Challenges in Kiev and Sao Paulo will be the final two chances for players to either qualify directly or collect valuable points for the rankings. The top 24 players will meet in March at the CeBIT 2012 and fight for the title of the Intel Extreme Masters World Champion.
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