[SC2] The Feast continues in Kiev
His road to Kiev was long and full of bumps and stones.
When the 18 year old Jérémy Vansnick, better known as 2697122, managed to qualify for the Global Challenge Kiev it was the biggest surprise of the qualification. The Belgian Protoss player who is part of Team Millenium, had managed to go through all three stages of the European qualification and defeated 11 opponents on his way. We sat down with Feast to get to know this young talented player a little better.

Brackets of Feast's route to Kiev - Stage 1 - Stage 2 - Stage 3

Interview with m*Feast

Hello Feast. Congratulations on your qualification to the Global Challenge Kiev. How does it feel?

Hello Nils & thanks! It feels really great to go to a major event such as the Intel Extreme Masters, I'm looking forward to meet the StarCraft 2 personalities and also to size myself with most of them in game.

You had a very hard route to Kiev, maybe the hardest of all players. Give us an overview of what you had to go through to qualify.

It all started with the Belgium National Qualifier where I defeated good players such as ELVIS or LLLOrly and then I went into the big deal. Stage 1: I defeated DoKy (2-0) and roxkisSlivko (2-0). Stage 2: I defeated DarkMace (2-0) and Aristeo (2-0) then I lost to KroLu (1-2), I went into the loser’s bracket and won versus AiForsen (2-0). Stage 3 was definitely the hardest: I faced players like NightEnD (2-1), aTnDelphi (2-0) and Grubby (2-0) to be qualified and then I lost to Dimaga (0-2) for the seeding. I faced Dimaga in a lot of tournaments recently (MSI Pro Cups) and I’m really impressed with his gameplay, he definitely is a nightmare to me. When I won versus Grubby it was great since I qualified but I also was a bit sad since he’s a good friend of mine and I wish him the best!

Was there ever a point where you thought it might be over?

First of all I never expected to be qualified so... In some way, it was already over when I started ^^. I did not really realize that I was slowly but steadily heading towards the final qualification until the last second as I was really focused on the game.

Back to your question : When I lost to NightEnD on the first map, I was pretty sure it was over even if I kept telling myself it wasn’t.

To many people you are probably the most unknown player that will go to Kiev. Tell us who is Feast and the person behind the nickname?

I’m a regular everyday normal 18 years old guy: I sweat and bleed doing nothing, completely powerless, like any of my zealots on the battlefield against marine/marauder’s kitting.

More seriously, I’ve always been a player in general, from the casual games on PS, such as the Final Fantasy sequel. My favorite type is the Strategy games which lead me to play WarCraft III, where I played Orc.
It has been quite a long time that I wanted to start my ProGamer career but it’s only recently that I really decided to jump in as I realized I couldn’t do everything I wanted at the same time; I stood for too long in between and it made the people around me hesitate as if I was passionate about ProGaming or if it was something temporary that I used in order to not be studying. Now that I have finished school, it is the right time for me to spread my wings and fly!

What are your own expectations for the Global Challenge?

I know it might look cliché but: I just really want to do the best I can. I want to show the world that I’m here now and I intend to be a better gamer for myself and the ones who are supporting me. I know that at my current level I won’t go far, so I will use these 3 weeks to train like I never did, in order to be at my top level. To be more specific: Every player goes to a tournament with the intend to win it. To not fool anyone by using too much humbling, since I feel like I’m only starting, I would like to achieve a TOP8, in order to not look ridiculous.

As usual there will be four players from Korea at the event. Is there any Korean you would like to see in Kiev?

I will only train my style to make it better against any existing style, so I do not mind who’s coming, hopefully they won’t be unbeatable. And since I do not know them all too well, I won’t pick any.
Every time a Korean shows up to a foreign tournament, their opponent are considered like challengers, I like that. Being the challenger seems to be my kind of fittings.

Are you happy with the state of Protoss at the moment?

Protoss lacks harassment's options and attack capabilities. The “in-between phase” of all-in game / and macro game seems too small, which means that you will need to be either too defensive or too offensive.
At the moment TvZ feels like it’s more action-packed and intense than any other match-up, I would like to say that about a Protoss match up but the game mechanics seems to interfere. Sit back and wait most of the game has never been fun and it’s sad when it’s your strongest option.

How developed is the Belgian StarCraft II scene?

It’s nearly nonexistent, it would be more suitable to speak of a Benelux scene. When I see great countries such as Germany or Sweden who managed to grow E-sports into their culture, I wish I could help Belgium in some way. I hope I will be able to elevate them as I grow in the esport scene.

What are your StarCraft II plans for 2012?

I plan to represent Millenium and it’s sponsors (MSI, Winamax and GeIL) as best as I can.
I hope to make every opportunity a step closer to my final goal, be one of the best, if not the best SC2 gamer in the world. Follow me on www.twitter.com/millfeast - www.facebook.com/millfeast and when I’m streaming on www.twitch.tv/millfeast!
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gl feast :) nice to see you've made it so far in such a short time!
seems to be one of the "good guys"
nice interview
hf gl feast
Go make the benelux scene proud feast! cheering for you and grubby @ kiev!
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