[SC2] Stage 2 - elfittaja, HayPro and Sjow are out
The second Stage of the European StarCraft II qualification for Kiev was played last night.
In a double elimination bracket 64 players from all over Europe tried to make it into the Top 16 and thus earn themselves a spot in the third and last stage. A lot of well known names had qualified for this second stage but some of them went out quite early on.

elfittaja, HayPro and Sjow are out

Top seed MaNa failed to show up and subsequently dropped out of the qualification. Second seeded elfi- failed to show up for his first match but fought his way through the Loser Bracket afterwards where he was ultimately stopped by dz. Team Liquid member HayprO lost his opening match surprisingly against 5300871 and dropped to the Loser Bracket. There his bad was over quickly after another first round loss against fellow Swede 1397727. Another all Swedish duel also caused a surprise when well-known international player SjoW lost against Naugrim, who also went on to qualify for the next Stage. SjoW on the other hand fought his way through the Loser Bracket before he was knocked out in the deciding game against BlinG from the UK.

White-Ra one step closer to a homegame

Among the more prominent players who managed to advance are DieStar, 1938623, Adelscott, dz, XlorD and Beastyqt. The latter one also had to fight his way through the Loser Bracket after a surprising loss in the Winner Bracket against Polish player ByQMK. Below you'll find the 16 players who managed to advance. Players marked with * are from the original Stage 1 qualifier.

StarCraft II Stage 2 Qualifier (Brackets)

LoWeLy *
  ByQMK *
Naugrim *
sLivko *
2697122 *
Beasyqt *

The deciding Stage 3 will take place on the 18th of December with 32 players in a Double Elimination Bracket. The Top 7 will go to Kiev in January 2012.

Global Challenge Kiev
19th-22nd of January 2012 - CyberSport Arena
1380923, Friday, 02/12/11 06:38
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