Possible changes in LoL Group A
The Chinese team World Elite had their visa application rejected and is now on the verge of not coming to the CeBIT. French team aAa would be the replacement.
This morning a French eSports website reported, that the Chinese League of Legends team World Elite would not come to the World Championship and be replaced by French team against All authority who were the next eligible team in the Season Ranking.

This is not entirely true. World Elite had indeed their visa application rejected without specific reasoning. Against All Authority was then asked by the ESL if they would want the spot in case World Elite would definitely not come. The French team confirmed that they would should this happen.

At this point in time World Elite has until early tomorrow morning to prove that they will definitely come or make their cancellation final. In this case they would be the second Chinese team that will not travel to Hanover after iG had to cancel earlier this week for the same reason, Visa rejection.

In case against All authority will be replacing World Elite, Group A would have no Asian team anymore, after iG got replaced by ALTERNATE from Germany.

Group A
Team Dignitas
Against All Authority

World Championship Group Stage
Season 2011/12 Ranking

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2012
6th - 10th of March at CeBIT (Hall 23)

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Chinese teams always seem to have visa issues for traveling to foreign events. I would expect team managers to have the foresight to prepare visas ahead of time. I understand that there is no way of assuring they will go through, but surely there must be a way of allowing Chinese players to travel abroad.
How is this fair? aAa would be seeded higher than teams with more points than them?
The order was just random but I placed aAa at the bottom now to avoid any possible confusion
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This still does not explain how Millenium and ALTERNATE are in Group A. It would be terrible to lose a competitor like WE(Gigabyte) but both groups should be changed. Dignitas, Sypher, Millenium, Curse, EHOME,and ALTERNATE would all be moved up 1 and aAA would take the 12 seed. This would only be the fairest way, since you based your Groups and schedules on season points and seeding.
Replacements have taken the place of absent players' seedings at MLG as well. It may seem 'fair' to readjust the pools but teams in Pool B are preparing strats against each other. Arbitrarily changing the pools just to make the seedings more even can really throw off their games.
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@ Cyblaster, so what you are saying is the ESL is favoring the 6 teams in Group B while the other 6 teams in Group A have to start over again? If you must be fair, you must be fair with everyone. Bending rules for teams should only be done when mistakes have been made by the officials (WCG USA).
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