CeBIT 2012
March 06th - 10th

Deutsche Messe AG
Messegelände, Hall 23
30521 Hanover

No entry for children under 16.
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Tournament System
StarCraft II
Four Groups of Six (Bo3)
Top3 qualify for Playoffs (Bo5)
Groups' 1st Place to Quarter Finals
Groups' 2nd/3rd to Round of 16

LoL / CS1.6
Two Groups of Six (Bo1)
Top3 qualify for Playoffs (Bo3)
Groups' 1st Place to Semi Finals
Groups' 2nd/3rd to Quarter Finals
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike 1.6 ($100,000)
1st ESC Gaming - $50.000
2nd Natus Vincere - $20,000
3rd Lions - $8,000
4th SK Gaming - $3,800
5th-6th fnatic - $2,800
5th-6th Moscow Five - $2,800
7th-8th WinFakt - $2,200
7th-8th TyLoo - $2,200
9th-10th semXorah - $2,100
9th-10th mousesports - $2,100
11th-12th eSahara - $2,000
11th-12th Anexis - $2,000

StarCraft II ($83,000)
1st MC - $35,000
2nd PuMa - $15,000
3rd MMA - $9,000
4th Feast - $4,200
5th-8th Killer - $2,000
5th-8th viOLet - $2,000
5th-8th JYP - $2,000
5th-8th Zenio - $2,000
9th-10th HasuObs - $1,000
9th-10th DarKFoRcE - $1,000
11th-12th elfittaja - $1,000
11th-12th SuperNoVa - $1,000
13th-16th real - $700
13th-16th SeleCt - $700
13th-16th Nerchio - $700
13th-16th Socke - $700
17th-20th Kas - $650
17th-20th dimaga - $650
17th-20th White-Ra - $650
17th-20th KiLLeR - $650
21st-24th IdrA - $600
21st-24th MaNa - $600
21st-24th Grubby - $600
21st-24th Strelok - $600

LoL ($100,000)
1st Moscow Five - $50.000
2nd Dignitas - $20,000
3rd CLG - $8,000
4th aAa - $3,800
5th-6th Curse - $2,800
5th-6th SK Gaming - $2,800
7th-8th Solomid - $2,200
7th-8th Alternate - $2,200
9th-10th Sypher - $2,100
9th-10th fnatic - $2,100
11th-12th EHOME - $2,000
11th-12th Millenium - $2,000

IEM Season 6 - Thanks and goodbye
10.03.2012 18:16
This was season 6 of the Intel Extreme Masters

Not only the World Championship at CeBIT has finished, but also the sixth season of the Intel Extreme Masters. After visiting Cologne, New York, Guangzhou, Kiev and Sao Paulo world's best gamers met in Hanover to determine the new World Champions with one of the biggest crowds eSports has ever seen and a new record in concurrent spectators. You guys were - once again - amazing!

MC underlined why he is called the Boss Toss and once again the Koreans set the standards in a StarCraft II tournament. But one rather unknown player from Belgium topped all other attending foreigners including players such as IdrA or dimaga and even some of the Koreans resulting in winning not only the fourth place but the MVP award.

1. MC 2. PuMa 3. MMA

One of the best CS 1.6 tournaments in history culminated in an extremely intense and dramatic showdown of two eastern European teams, which dominated the scene for years. ESC Gaming from Poland managed to deny the third championship title in a row for Natus Vincere and won the second title after their first victory at CeBIT 2007. Back then only one player wasn't part of the most stable team, Counter-Strike has ever seen. It's Hanover's Most Valuable Player, pasha.

1. ESC Gaming 2. Natus Vincere 3. Lions
MVP ESC pasha

After winning the Global Challenge Kiev, the Russians stayed undefeated yet again despite the big names from America and Europe trying their best to win. They are Intel Extreme Masters' first World Champion in League of Legends. Dignitas topped their two big rivals from North America and drew much attention, that is why their Top lane players Voyboy got awarded with the "I carried today BIG" trophy.

1. Moscow 5 2. Dignitas 3. CLG

We would like to thank Intel, BenQ, Razer and Twitch.TV as well everyone who tuned into the streams, followed us on Twitter or Facebook, visited the website or our Hall here at CeBIT. You guys are the reason why we do and keep doing this. The season is over, but we will be back BIG!

CeBIT - Day 5 - The new World Champions
10.03.2012 09:13
Welcome to the final day of the World Championship 2011/12!

[17:11] Most of the time it looked like Dignitas didn't had the slightest chance. After winning the Global Challenge Kiev, the Russians stayed undefeated yet again topping the big names from America and Europe. They are Intel Extreme Masters' first World Champion in League of Legends. Congratulations to Dignitas for being the American team at Hanover and for winning the I carried BIG award by Voyboy (not Scarra!).

[16:12] M5 dominated the first map and won with a score of 32:11 over Dignitas who did not really have any clue how to beat those Russians play. Now the second map is on and we are awaiting the possible last map in this season. Join us on ESL TV to not miss this big, big moment!

[14:17] MC did it! The revenge for Cologne is done. 3:2 is the score with which MC takes the title home. Right after the match he jumped up and grabed the trophy and cheered to his fans. Now we are looking forward to League of Legends to start.

[11:59] And we have the first World Champion of this season. The Polish ESC Gaming just won the Counter-Strike tournament with a 2-0 over defending champion Natus Vincere. The Poles win the title for the second time after they were the first champion in Season 1, 6 years ago.

Congratulations to ESC Gaming. They are the Intel Extreme Masters World Champion and win $50,000.

[11:04] The first match is already over. MMA won the 3rd place StarCraft II match against Feast clearly with 3-0. Meanwhile the Counter-Strike Grand Final is still going. The first map went to ESC Gaming and the 2nd just started this very moment.

[9:05] Welcome to the day we all waited for. The new World Champions of all three games will be determined today on the big stage at CeBIT's Hall 23.

We will start the day with the grand final in Counter-Strike 1.6, an Eastern European showdown and rematch of last year's grand final between Poland's and Ukraine's finest players. Meanwhile StarCraft II fans can watch the 3rd place decider with Feast and MMA.

Thrilling. Epic. Beyond fantastic.
10.03.2012 09:12
Highlights of the 4th day

VOTE for the World Championship MVPs
09.03.2012 17:00
It is time for YOU to vote for the SICKEST NERD BALLER, I carried today BIG and Most Valuable Player for the World Championship Season 2011/12.

Tomorrow not only the winners of the World Championship will be crowned but also the MVP titles will be handed out. These three titles are determined by one source: YOU!

The community can now vote for the SICKEST NERD BALLER (StarCraft II), I carried today BIG (League of Legends) and the Most Valuable Player (Counter-Strike).

In each category there are eight players up for vote and it will run until the respective game final has ended. Now it is time to present the nominees:
M5 AlexIch
CLG Bigfatjiji
M5 Genja
Crs Cop
SK CandyPanda
aAa sOAZ
Na'Vi Zeus
SK trace
Na'Vi starix
ESC pasha
fnatic cArn
Lions FYRR73
SK f0rest

Prize Package

Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
BenQ XL2410T Display
Razer Bundle
Exclusive, unique MVP Hoodie
Shirt of their choice from

The winners will be announced together with the winning teams in each game after the respective finals. Now it is your turn to decide.