[LoL] Tournament will take place - New schedule inside
The League of Legends tournament at the Global Challenge Guangzhou will start on Monday, day 3 of the event.
The issues have been resolved and we are confident that we can start the tournament soon. In order to make up for the lost time, both groups will be played today, two games at a time. Group A will start first.

The replacement for Bida Gaming will be eHome.

Tournament Schedule

Cross Gaming vs. iG
SK Gaming vs. eHome (Live at ESL TV)

eHome vs. iG (Live at ESL TV)
SK Gaming vs. Cross Gaming

13:00 (Most important match will be broadcasted)
iG vs. SK Gaming
Cross Gaming vs. eHome

World Elite vs. Millenium (Live at ESL TV)
CL Gaming vs. Flash

World Elite vs. Flash
CL Gaming vs. Millenium (Live at ESL TV)

17:30 (Most important match will be broadcasted)
World Elite vs. CL Gaming
Millenium vs. Flash
1380923, Sunday, 02/10/11 21:59
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