[SC2] RAIN replaces DeMusliM in Guangzhou
The British StarCraft 2 player DeMusliM had to cancel his participation at the Global Challenge Guangzhou yesterday because he was unable to obtain a visa.
With only a few days remaining until the start of the event on the 1st of October, we are very happy to announce that RAIN from fnatic is able to fill in for him on short notice. He had originally lost to DeMusliM in the deciding match of the American qualifier and as such was the first person to be offered the spot.

RAIN will now take DeMusliM's spot in Group B where he'll face dimaga, XiGua and JYP. The Global Challenge Guangzhou will take place from the 1-5th of October at the Ani-Com & Games convention. The prize purse for the StarCraft 2 tournament is $21,000.
1380923, Tuesday, 27/09/11 05:43
Global Challenge Guangzhou
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