These are the groups for Guangzhou
Who's going to face each other at our second Global Challenge?
As the qualifiers are done and the Global Challenge Guangzhou is coming closer and closer the groups for the second Global Challenge of this season have been drawn. Get the results now and see which teams and players your favorites are facing.

League of Legends


Group A Group B Group A Group B
SK Gaming Millenium Anexis winfakt
Bida Gaming CLG fnatic mousesports
CrossGaming AEON Immunity XCN Gaming
CCM WorldElite EFuture Tyloo

StarCraft II - Groupstage

Group A Group B Group C Group D
HasuObs Dimaga elfittaja Strelok
pig Demuslim Idra mOOnglade
yhy Loner Infi lovecd
Korean Invite #1 Korean Invite #3 Korean Invite #3 Korean Invite #4

From October 1st to 5th these teams and players will face each other at the Jinhan Exhibition Center in Guangzhou. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Global Challenge of Intel Extreme Masters!
Soodi, Monday, 19/09/11 12:36
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