MarineKing, HuK, PuMa, Killer & MaNa complete SC2
StarCraft II's Groups at Global Challenge Cologne
Only seven days until Intel Extreme Masters will officially start into its sixth season at the Global Challenge Cologne. While all European, American, Chinese and South-East Asian players had been determined via qualifiers some weeks ago, four participants of the StarCraft II tournament were still unknown until now. It's time to raise the curtain, here are our invites from Korea, which resulted from a cooperation with the Korean GSL.

MarineKing is one of the best and most consistent Korean Terrans being the only one, who reached the GSL Finals three times. Next in the list of our Korean invites is NASL's first champion PuMa followed by Killer, an ambitious Protoss from Team SCV Life. Last but not least is a Non-Korean, who currently lives and plays in Korea. It's Canada's export hit HuK, winner of two big tournaments this summer: Dreamhack and HomeStory Cup #3.

Furthermore we had to replace the Chinese representative, which will be replaced by MaNa from Poland. With all participants known, we can now present the final groups for gamescom's tournament. The top two of each group will advance to a Single Elimination bracket, where Cologne's Champion will be determined.

Group A
  Group B
  Group C
  Group D
otacon, Wednesday, 10/08/11 10:07
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well u could switch PuMa to some other group , couz idra has to play a teammate :(
-.- That's life my friend. Kas and Beastyqt are both from Empire as well.
Those are some nice Korean-invites. I was actually expecting some knocked out Code A/B players :)
I thought its not possible to have 3 races of a kind in one group?

Am i wrong about that or is Group A kind of against the rules...?
is not nice when teammates have to play against each other :(
Firsttime wrote:
I thought its not possible to have 3 races of a kind in one group?
Am i wrong about that or is Group A kind of against the rules...?

It was unavoidable after there turned out to be 2 Terrans from Korea, because HuK, our first confirmed player from Korea, added the condition to his confirmation that he could only start on day 2.
gl Beasty! hope you do like you know to!
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Hmm, I wonder what will happen to MarineKings GSL Matches. If he should advance he'll play the monday after IEM Finals. There's no way he can make it in time.
lol @ idra group only terran :DD
very sad story.. .playing against a teammate Oo
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