Global Challenge Cologne - Most Valuable Player
For the first time in Intel Extreme Masters history we will let you determine the most valuable and most impressive players of each tournament.

Six StarCraft II players are nominated for the award for either impressing in their matches and dominating their opponents or for showing off something unique, special and impressive. A true Nerd Baller does not always win, but he will always be able to earn appreciation and win over the community.

I CARRIED GAMESCOM - League of Legends
Twelve League of Legends players were nominated for their outstanding performances in the Cologne Global Challenge, or for the most stylish players that took part in the competition.

The voting closes before the final of the respective game so that we are able to award the Sick Nerd Baller or the Carry player when we give out the checks and trophies to the winners on Sunday. Now it is all in your hands. You will decide who gets the title of the Sick Nerd Baller and who Carried Gamescom. The winners will be honoured live on stage on Sunday.

Vote for SCII MVP Vote for LoL MVP
Votes will close, as soon as the respective final starts on Sunday.
You need to login with your ESL account or your Facebook-Login to participate.

Prizes for MVP of SCII and LoL
Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
Intel Motherboard
Intel SSD
BenQ XL2410T Display
Exclusive, unique MVP Hoodie