Global Challenge has successfully ended
Winners, Losers and loads of pictures
The Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Shanghai is over. It was an immensely crowded event. All three games are very popular in China as are many of our players. The Global Challenge at ChinaJoy was a success. We saw an epic 2-day match between Na'Vi and fnatic and some very good DotA matchups.

These are the winners:

1st place: fnaticRC - $14,000
2nd place: Tyloo.raw - $7,000
3rd place: Natus Vincere - $5,000

1st place: 804587 - $2,000
2nd place: 1063428 - $1,000
3rd place: 1157983 - $650

1st place: EHOME - $5,000
2nd place: ToTeam - $2,500
3rd place: LGD - $1,300

Photos from the event

We have shot a lot of photos for you, split up into 4 different galleries including booth babes. Make sure to check out these shots.

Click on picture to view photos of players and tournament area.
Click on picture to view booth babe pictures.
Affentod, Sunday, 01/08/10 03:33
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Congratulations to all the teams!!!
What is gux looking at? haha
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