HuK vs. 5050366
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Status: closed
MatchID 19848614
Date Friday, 08 October 16:00
Calculated Friday, 08 October 17:50
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Result Media
Metalopolis 1 : 0
XelNaga Caverns 1 : 0
HuK wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 08 October 17:51
Round 1 - Metalopolis
37 kB, Friday, 08 October 17:51, by Shawn
Friday, 08 October 17:51
Round 2 - XelNaga Caverns
57 kB, Friday, 08 October 17:51, by Shawn
comments (13)
huk is P i know
wheres problem? will it be played today?
I'm confused - isn't the game supposed to have started already? The 'stream' is just looping the advert for the IEM.
that problem whas there yesterday on CS1.6 match between mousesports / nifaculty... stream was looping but match already gone live...
I just noticed that the welcome page says the games are delayed by at least 30 minutes.
some one know, when it's going to start ?
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If you don't catch them live, how soon are they archived typically? same day, or?
need a stream
No premium stream :(
Are VODs going to be available for the matches?
replays are fine for just watching the game, but where are the VoDs so I can hear Day[9]'s sweat sweat voice?!
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