StarCraft II schedule for New York
Who will make it to the semi finals?
Only two weeks left until the American Champions of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 will be determined live in New York. A total of $60,200 is the prize pot the contestants of the American Championship are competing for. This news contains all information you need to know about the StarCraft II tournament at Comic Con (October 8th - October 10th).

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Participants

Eight players will attend New York's Intel Extreme Masters event to compete for the American Championship title. They survived a groupstage consisting of 16 players and will now fight for $10,000 at Comic Con in New York. The very best will also have the chance to advance to the World Championship taking place in early 2011.

Ben '5230006' Cardwell
Chris 'HuK' Loranger
Andrew 'drewbie' Moysey
Ryan '5050366' Hryczynski
  Kevin 'qxc' Riley
Strieb 'silver' Roman
Jonathan 'KiWiKaKi' Garneau
Jian'4464902' Morayra Alejo

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Schedule

Last but not least, the American showdown of StarCraft II will be brought to you by Sean "day9" Plott and Justin a.k.a. TheGunrun from, neither of them a stranger to an Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft II shoutcast.
otacon, Monday, 27/09/10 16:24
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Day9 : ]
TheGunrun :]
Carmac! :]
5 Terran
3 Protoss
0 Zerg

I like PvT and TvT but still sad :(
Zerg :[ offense to him but TheGunrun is not a great choice for co-caster to Day9 :/ He's just kind of bland...
Day9 rly needs a CO-Caster, not a 2nd "first caster".

gogo huk!

hi blizzard.
Will this use the new map pool with KR and DO being pulled for JB and SP?

and i hope someday we get some IEM in LA server :(.
Comic con opens at 1 but marches start at 10? How does that work?
love day9, love gunrun o/ o/
semis and final bo5?
gr8 games all round
Are there any VODS from the stream?
go Fenix go desde uruguay saludos y suerte ;)
can this be watched after the fact in any way, i wanna see it but it doesnt seem to exist if you didnt watch the live stream
Same question as #17 :X
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