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New York Comic Con
Jacob K. Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

October 8 - 10, 2010
Official Website
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike 1.6 ($26,000)
1st compLexity - $11,000
2nd Team EG - $5,500
3rd Loaded - $3,300
4th Desire2Excel - $1,800
5th/6th mamazkillaz - $1,200
5th/6th excello - $1,200
7th/8th viGor - $1,000
7th/8th dynamic - $1,000

StarCraft II ($10,000)
1st fenix - $4,000
2nd qxc - $2,000
3rd Huk - $1,200
4th drewbie - $800
5th/6th KiWiKaKi - $550
5th/6th suggy - $550
7th/8th MurDeR - $450
7th/8th Silver - $450

Quake Live ($8,000)
1st rapha - $3,000
2nd DaHang - $1,500
3rd Vo0 - $1,000
4th czm - $700
5th/6th vamp1re - $500
5th/6th Chance - $500
7th/8th ziel - $400
7th/8th dkt - $400

Opening Hours
13:00 - 19:00 EST
10:00 - 19:00 EST
10:00 - 17:00 EST

8 Americans going to World Championship
10.10.2010 23:05
1st Continent: Done!

The first Continental Championships Finals of the Intel Extreme Masters 5 just ended. Here at Comic Con in New York the American Champions were determined. And so did the participants for the World Championships taking place at CeBIT in March 2011. These teams and players will be seen again at next year's World Championship to compete with the European and Asian contenders.

World Championship Finals

Dates: March 1st-5th 2011 Venue: CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
Slot Distribution World Championship
Counter-Strike 1.6

12 Participants:
    fnatic (1st GC Shanghai)
    7 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas
    Team EG

    2 slots Asia
StarCraft II

12 Participants:
    MorroW (1st GC Cologne)
    4 slots Europe
    2 slots Americas

    5 slots Asia
Quake Live

12 Participants:
    k1llsen (1st GC Cologne)
    6 slots Europe
    4 slots Americas
    1 slots Australia

Fenix' success concludes IEM New York
10.10.2010 22:55
fnatic|fenix is Americas 1st StarCraft II champion

Despite there were only two South-American participants in the entire tournament, we've got two American Champions originated in South-America, more precise Brazil and Peru. In New York's last match fnatic's fenix won the first continental StarCraft II Championship. Commentated by Day9 and Gunrun and viewed by a huge cheering crowd he beat the US-boy qxc in three out of four maps.

American Championship Final Standings

compLexity gains 1st place in Counter-Strike
10.10.2010 21:49
No 2nd continental title for Team EG

The new American Champion in Counter-Strike comes from South-America. Brazil's boys had a tough fight against the reigning champions. Unlike compLexity the Evil Geniuses didn't lose a single map in the tournament. But former Firegamers pulled off an amazing and close game coming out on top. Only one decision is still unknown. Tune in on ESL TV to watch who becomes the StarCraft II champion of America.

American Championship Final Standings

We've got our first champion
10.10.2010 19:01
rapha is Americas Quake Live champion

In his second attempt Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson finally becomes the American Champion of Quake Live. Last year DaHang was able to win three out of five maps at the West Edmonton Mall, today he wasn't even able to score on one map. Before that the Dutch Vo0 improved his outcome by one place compared to his fourth place in season 4. These four duellers will be seen again at next year's World Championship to compete with the European and Australian contenders.

American Championship Final Standings

All demos and replays
10.10.2010 17:39
Demo overflow!

Have you been looking for Quake Live demos? Good news for you, we just uploaded all PoV demos from yesterday's groupstage as well as the semis. There is an archive for each player with all his maps played so far. Four our StarCraft II lovers out there: If you are interested in a replay, only thing to do is head over to the groupstage overview or the brackets, pick your match and download the replay you want. We will upload the respective replays immediately after the match has ended. By the way, ESL TV will upload all their VoDs in approximately one week.

Quake Live Demo packs

Let's start with 3rd place deciders in CS & QL
10.10.2010 16:09
Lets hand out some medals!

The third and final day of the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship Finals is here. All American participants for the World Championships are already determined, so it is all about season 5's American Champions. In Quake Live and Counter-Strike both reigning champions reached the last game and have the chance to defend their title.

First match ESL TV is showing will be Quake Live's 3rd place decider with Vo0 and czm. Meanwhile Loaded and Desire2Excel will do the same in Counter-Strike in 30 minutes, which you can follow on HLTV. Tune in!

Quake Live's grand final déjà vu
10.10.2010 01:04
rapha seeks for revenge

With rapha beating czm three zero the second day of the American Championship Finals comes to an end. Only the grand finals of each disciplines are left, three American Champions will be crowned tomorrow. In Quake Live it will be DaHang facing rapha just like last year. Although rapha won the World Championship a few month later, DaHang managed to beat him in Edmonton and became the American Champion. This title is still missing in rapha trophy rack. Tomorrow you will find out, if he can take revenge for last year's loss.

SC2 Grand Finals are Terran only
10.10.2010 00:27
qxc vs. Fenix

The next finalists of the American Championship Finals are determined. Fenix from fnatic and the US-American Root Gaming member qxc won their semi final matches to drewbie and HuK. None of the five attending Canadians reached the grand final. Since only two World Championship slots were available for American players, HuK won't be seen again on the Intel Extreme Masters stage in season 5. In tomorrow's grand final Fenix will take on qxc to determine the first continental StarCraft II champion in the history of the Intel Extreme Masters.

Quake Live goes directly into semis
09.10.2010 22:10
Do or die for Quake Live

Everything runs extremely smooth today. Even though we had to move Quake Live's whole groupstage to today, we are on time and the semi finals are about to begin. Still is your source for classic duel action. Vo0, czm, rapha and Dahang came out on top of their groups. The Dutch Painkiller grandmaster will face last year's American Champion DaHang, while World Champion rapha meets with oldschooler czm.

Regardless of the outgoing of the semis you will see all four of them again at the World Championship at CeBIT. Since America got four Quake Live slots all playoff participants are qualified for the continental showdown.

Counter-Strike Final is here
09.10.2010 20:22
Team EG vs. compLexity

The second Counter-Strike semi final was just won by Team EG. Both, Team EG as well as the other semi final winner compLexity, are the most expected participants of grand final. They surely are the strongest teams of America right now. Tomorrow they will compete for the American Championship title, which is held by Team EG right now. At the moment we congratulate both teams on achieving a World Championship slot each. This means they will represent the American continent at CeBIT in March 2011.

Quake Live round 1
09.10.2010 18:28
First Quake results from New York

Finally the Quake Live tournament has started here in New York. The first playday of the groupstage has ended meaning each player made exactly one game. While in group B DaHang and rapha are the indisputed favorites being the reigning American and World Champions, the situation in group A is way more exciting.

Quake Live Groupstage Round 1
    Chance [1:2] Vo0
    dkt [1:2] czm
    vamp1re [0:2] rapha
    DaHanG [2:0] ziel

Second day brings semi finals
09.10.2010 16:08
Determining the finalists

Groupstages are done, at least for StarCraft II and Counter-Strike, and we are heading into the playoffs. First thing ESL TV is showing today, will be the CS semi between compLexity and Loaded live on ESL TV. Meanwhile the Quake Live players will compete in their groupstage, which is starting soon. Head over to, if you prefer fast paced duel action. In the afternoon RTS will be back with StarCraft II semis.

Update: Since one player from Loaded is still missing at the location, the first CS match will be delayed a little bit. Therefore ESL TV will probably show one Quake Live match first. As soon as we know which one, we will let you know.

Loaded 5th player arrived just a minute ago, so we will stick to the original plan.

Day 1 is over
09.10.2010 01:41
CS and SC2 groupstage is done

In today's last match an extremely close match leads to an even more extreme close decision. Loaded will follow Team EG into the playoffs because they've gathered three more rounds than excello in the whole groupstage. Loaded managed to tie up after scoring only three rounds in the first half. This leaves a frustrated excello, but rules are rules and complaining didn't help. At this time the decision in group A was already made. compLexity and Desire2Excel are the other two teams.

09/10/10 10:00 EDT - compLexity vs. Loaded live on ESL TV
09/10/10 12:20 EDT - Desire2Excel vs. Team EG

This was the first day here in New York. We hope to see you again tomorrow, when Quake Live steps into the ring and the semi finals are going to take place.

SC2 groupstage is done
09.10.2010 01:12
RTS action continues tomorrow in the semi finals

Although drewbie lost his last match he is still in the playoffs together with Team Liquid's newest addition HuK, who won all his matches. In group B Fenix from Peru did the same without even losing one singe map. The last player participating in tomorrow's semi finals is qxc.

Semi finals

Four matches left in StarCraft II
08.10.2010 23:35
Who drops, who stays?

The last round of matches of the StarCraft II groupstage is about to start. Two matches are left in each group, all of them will be played simultaneously. KiWiKaKi vs. Fenix is the one ESL TV is showing on the stream. During the next hour the participants of tomorrow's semi finals are going to be determined.

Win an Intel Core i7 Extreme at our caption contest
08.10.2010 22:49
Intel Extreme Masters Comic Con Caption Contest

Have a chance to win a 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition: The world’s fastest, smartest PC processor. All you have you to do is to visit our gallery of the American Championship Finals at Comic Con. Take any photo and post it with your caption to, the official facebook page of the tournament. The three best captions will receive prizes. The third place gets a Razer mouse, while the second one will get a headset from Razer. One 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition will go out to the best caption of the contest.

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First playoff participants
08.10.2010 19:48
compLexity and Desire2Excel advanced

Group A in Counter-Strike isn't over yet, but still the main decisions have been arrived already. The former Firegamers from Brazil now playing for playArt.ZOWIE topped the group by winning all their matches by only losing 12 rounds in total. Next team to follow them into playoffs is Desire2Excel. Group B in Counter-Strike will start in one and a half hours.

New Quake Live schedule
08.10.2010 18:16
Tomorrow is Quake day!

Earlier we already mentioned today's problems with the Quake Live offline server. So we had to move the groupstage to tomorrow. Therefore the whole match schedule had to be remade. Good news is, although there is one day less with Quake Live, you will not see less matches. will show almost all groupstage matches and the semi finals. If there are matches played simultaneously ESL TV will show Quake Live as well most likely.

American Championship Finals Quake Live Schedule

We are live now!
08.10.2010 16:51
Go go go, American Championship Finals!

The finals here at New York have officially started. With MurDeR taking on Drewbie the first StarCraft II match is live now. All other matches of Blizzard's newest RTS will follow consecutively. Tune in ESL TV and watch Day[9] and Gunrun commentating the tournament. Counter-Strike 1.6 will start any minute as well. Head over to and pick your game!

Start delayed & QL moved to Saturday
08.10.2010 16:05
Tournament updates issue #1

Welcome to day 1 of the American Championship Finals here at Comic Con in New York. It will take at least another 30 minutes until the first matches will go live. At least this concerns the StarCraft II and Counter-Strike tournaments. compLexity just arrived in this very minute and they still have to setup.

Unfortunately all Quake Live fans out there have to wait longer... much, much longer. Since the necessary offline server isn't fully prepared, we deciced to move the groupstage to Saturday. A full match schedule will be posted in the next minutes.

Visit ComicCon and see the matches!
08.10.2010 00:18
Spending a weekend in New York packed with eSports action: No problem!

Of course there is a way to watch this eSports spectacle live with other enthusiasts and pay ComicCon a visit at the same time. Here is all the information that might be helpful for a last-minute trip into the heaven of gaming.

ComicCon Open to the Public

Friday, October 8, 2010 -- 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 9, 2010 -- 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 10, 2010 -- 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Intel Extreme Masters pro-gamer tournament area

The pro-gamer tournament area will feature grandstand seating for gaming enthusiasts to follow the exhilarating competition in Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake Live and StarCraft 2. The world‘s best gamers will meet in New York City to compete for $60,200 in prize money and a chance to qualify for the IEM World Championships Season V in Germany 2011. The tournament area (booth number 726) will be locatet at ComicCon, Jacob K. Javits Center in Midtown Manhattan. The Javits Center is located at 655 West 34th Street. You can find information about hotels, directions and subways at: Hotel&Travel.

Watch all matches live on ESL TV!

If you have no chance to visit us and the gamers at the New York ComicCon, don't be disppointed. The show on ESL TV will allow you to follow all the important matches that you would like to see. Our professional and famous casters such as Sean "day[9]" Plott and Joe Miller will bring this event to you in a fun and thirlling manner.

Last minute replacements in CS and SC2
07.10.2010 16:55
SK Ladies, Area51 and CauthonLuck not attending in New York

Due to multiple problems we have some last minute changes in the line up for the first National Championship of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5. Two CS teams and one SC2 player can not make it to New York and have already been replaced.

Group A: mamazkillaz instead of Area 51
Group B: viGor instead of SK-Gaming Ladies

Group B: 5180745 instead of 5182256

Best of luck to the new participants at the American Championship this weekend!

What about Quake Live & CS1.6?
05.10.2010 17:37
This is your weekend schedule!

American Championship Finals are within reach. Here are the missing and latest details on the match and broadcasting schedule. While ESL TV will focus on StarCraft II the entire Friday, our friends at are going to commentate the whole Quake Live groupstage. Great news, right?

American Championship Finals Quake Live Schedule

With mLgaming being replaced by Dynamic we have to announce the latest addition of the Counter-Strike tournament. Counter-Strike fans don't have to be too sad for getting no stream on the first days, since there will be HLTV for each match. So you will not miss a single match!

American Championship Finals Counter-Strike 1.6 Schedule

Searching for the StarCraft II schedule? Head over to this news to get all the information about your favorite RTS!

SK's Ladies going to New York
04.10.2010 18:10
Female substitute for Backfire

Another team canceled their participation in the American Championship Finals in New York this week. Backfire placed second in the American Championship groupstage and won their relegation match. Sadly they are not able to travel to Comic Con and compete for the American Championship title. Therefore we will see SK-Gaming Ladies competing with the male teams in New York.

mLgaming steps in for Artyk
01.10.2010 17:42
Replacement found

Unfortunately the Peruvian Counter-Strike team Artyk-Gaming isn't able to attend to American Championship Finals next week. Therefore a replacement had to be found. The losers of the relegation didn't came into question, since excello.zowie already replaced Punto cL and Ultimax Gaming USA can't attend New York either. Therefore a decider match was held last night, which mLgaming won over the ladys from SK Gaming. So here are the updated groups:

StarCraft II schedule for New York
27.09.2010 22:24
Who will make it to the semi finals?

Only two weeks left until the American Champions of the Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 will be determined live in New York. A total of $60,200 is the prize pot the contestants of the American Championship are competing for. This news contains all information you need to know about the StarCraft II tournament at Comic Con (October 8th - October 10th).

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Participants

Eight players will attend New York's Intel Extreme Masters event to compete for the American Championship title. They survived a groupstage consisting of 16 players and will now fight for $10,000 at Comic Con in New York. The very best will also have the chance to advance to the World Championship taking place in early 2011.

Ben '5230006' Cardwell
Chris '5040511' Loranger
Andrew '3329792' Moysey
Ryan '5050366' Hryczynski

  Kevin 'qxc' Riley
Strieb 'silver' Roman
Jonathan 'KiWiKaKi' Garneau
Jian'4464902' Morayra Alejo

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Schedule

Last but not least, the American showdown of StarCraft II will be brought to you by Sean "day9" Plott and Justin a.k.a. TheGunrun from, neither of them a stranger to an Intel Extreme Masters StarCraft II shoutcast.

Replacements for New York refusals
26.09.2010 01:14
No Zero4 and no punTo at Comic Con

Unfortunately neither Quake Live player John 'ZeRo4' Hill nor the Chilean Counter-Strike team Punto cL will be able to attend the American Championship Finals taking place in about two weeks. Dan '4437070' Bradham will step in for Zero4 into group B of the Quake Live groupstage. Punto's replacement will be determined in a match between Ultimax Gaming USA and excello.zowie, which both lost their previous relegation matches.

Groups for American Championship Finals
24.09.2010 18:34
Who will make it to the semi finals?

The groups of the American Championship Finals are drawn. Watch the competition for the American Champion title and additional prize purse of $60,200 live at New York Comic Con or at ESL TV October 8th to 10th. The best of them will qualify for the World Championship taking place in early 2011.

American Championship Finals Counter-Strike Groups

This season the North-American teams get company from their southern neighbors. Will Team EG be able to defend their Championship title or are the Brazilians from compLexity (former Firegamers) strong enough to gain the second title after MiBR won in 2008?

American Championship Finals StarCraft II Groups

This will be the first continental StarCraft II showdown of the Intel Extreme Masters. Who is going to make history and win the first title?

American Championship Finals Quake Live Groups

These eight players survived the regular season and will now face each other in New York. We are looking forward to see Quake legends such as czm or Zero4, PainKiller hero Vo0 as well as the reigning Intel Extreme Masters champions rapha and DaHang on site, and so should you!

Amazing happened in Quake Live
16.09.2010 18:18
Insane Quake Live match at American Championship

Recently American Championship for Quake Live took place determining the eight participants for the Continental Finals. Two days full of the finest duell action brought not only New York's finalists but also some of the most worth watching and epic match in Quake Live's history, when John "ZeRo4" Hill and Brian "dkt" Flander met to fight for the first place of group A. The third and deciding map, Hektik, was absolutely insane. Watching it is highly recommended!

The following players will compete for a prize purse of $8,000 at New York Comic Con in three weeks. We are looking forward to see Quake legends such as czm or Zero4, PainKiller hero Vo0 as well as the reigning Intel Extreme Masters champions rapha and DaHang on site, and so should you!

American Championship Finals Participants

American Championship Finals' Official Desktop Boards
15.09.2010 19:04
Win an Intel Extreme Series board at Comic Con

Intel® Desktop Boards Extreme Series will be the official desktop boards of the 2010 Intel Extreme Masters American Championship Finals. Intel will award Extreme Series boards as prizes during the event, October 8-10 at Comic Con in New York. Six lucky winners will get the chance to test-drive one of these powerful boards for themselves. You will also have a chance for a sneak peek at one of Intel’s newest Extreme Board offerings, debuting in late November.

Also at IEM, Intel will introduce some of the best-known names in gaming as new members of the Intel Extreme Team – our online community dedicated to Intel Desktop Boards Extreme Series - the brilliant personalities within Intel who create these intense motherboards and the power users they were designed for.

Join the Intel Extreme Team and compete for daily prizes, a chance to win Intel motherboard products and a shot at our grand-prize trip to visit the Intel R&D facilities in Hillsboro, Ore. You can learn how these high-performance boards provide extreme power and headroom for hardcore gaming and high-end media applications. Intel desktop boards Extreme Series are a perfect match for the 2010 Intel® Core™ i7 processor Extreme Edition, the league’s official processor.

Join the Intel Extreme Team for information and contest participation.

Follow the Intel Extreme Masters on Facebook for contest updates.

Learn more about Intel desktop boards Extreme Series.

What's in the pot at American Championship Finals?
12.09.2010 19:13
Prize Money Distribution

A total of $60,200 is the prize pot the contestants of the American Championship of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 are competing for. Get the full distribution for Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and Quake Live now!

The major part of the prize money will be given out at the American Championship Finals in New York. But $16,200 of the total sum are designated for the online season, where teams and players received qualification and win bonuses. America's best will compete for another $44,000 and the American Champion title in a couple of weeks.

Prize Money Distribution

      CS 1.6 StarCraft II Quake Live
    $ 11,000
    $ 5,500
    $ 3,300
    $ 1,800
    $ 1,200
    $ 1,200
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,000
    $ 26,000
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 1,200
    $ 800
    $ 550
    $ 550
    $ 450
    $ 450
    $ 10,000
    $ 3,000
    $ 1,500
    $ 1,000
    $ 700
    $ 500
    $ 500
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 8,000

American Championship Quake Live is almost live
10.09.2010 18:38
Only Americas Quake Live players are missing

Qualification for the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship has been completed. Through five cups qualifying 14 players, the current North American Champion and the American Cup points winner we are now set for an epic Quake Live Group Stage. Winner of each group and 2nd place finisher from each group advances to Intel Extreme Masters American Championship Finals in NYC. QLTV will be casting at least one match per hour until the event has finished.

American Championship Quake Live

Top 2 finishers from each group will advance to the American Championship Finals in NYC on October 8, 2010.

    Group A
     Group B
     Group C
     Group D
$50.00 per match win
$125.00 for each qualifying player (2 per group)

Settings and Rules
4 Groups (Groups A,B,C,D) with 4 players per group
Round Robin Play
Best 2 of 3 maps to determine winner of match
Map Pool: DM13, T7, ZTN1, Aerowalk, Hektik, Dismemberment, T4
Schedule and Structure are subject to change


Sunday September 12
Round 1 Matches: 5:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM EST
Round 2 Matches: 7:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM EST, 9:00 PM EST, 10:00 PM EST

Monday September 13
Round 3 Matches: 7:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM EST, 9:00 PM EST, 10:00 PM EST

American Championship Counter-Strike
06.09.2010 19:33
Who will go to New York?

With StarCraft II group stage almost over, it is now time for some Counter-Strike action. By the end of the group stage we will know the 6 teams that will be representing their organizations at the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship Finals in New York, NY during the comic con convention (October 8th - October 10th). Also 2 South American teams will join the 6 North American teams who will be reviled later this week.


    Group A
     Group B
    Area 51
    SK Gaming.Ladies
     Group C
     Group D
    quality Teamplay


Round 1 07/09/10 20:00 EDT
Round 2 07/09/10 21:30 EDT
Round 3 08/09/10 19:30 EDT
Relegation 08/09/10 21:00 EDT

More Details

Winner of each group will receive an automatic spot in the Intel Extreme Masters American Championship Finals, where the 2nd placed teams will play a relegation matches to determine the other 2 teams. Just as a reminder there is a total prize pool for all 3 games of $59,600 for the current Season of Intel Extreme Masters America Championships. Also will provide HLTV Coverage for all the matches of the Group Stage.

Two slots left for American StarCraft II Finals
06.09.2010 12:20
New York, here we come!

Almost all matches of the American Championship StarCraft II have been played on the weekend. We saw a lot of great games commentated by our friends from ICCup TV and Six players already qualified for the American Championship Finals at New York's Comic Con.

American Championship Finals Participants


The two remaining finalists of group D will be determined tomorrow, when drewbie and PainUser play the last match of the groupstage. Both of them as well as the currently second placed 5182256 have the chance to advance to the finals. It's all about the result of the final match.

This weekend: American Championship StarCraft II
03.09.2010 18:06
Eight player for New York!

This weekend the American Championship takes place. 16 players managed to qualify for online groupstage in several cups. On Saturday and Sunday they will determine eight players, who will compete for $10,000 at the American Championship Finals in New York. Two broadcasting partners will cover nearly all of the matches with ICCup TV and Make sure to check out the groupstage overview to see when the matches will take place.

American Championship Group Stage StarCraft II

Group A
  Group B
  Group C
  Group D
Pain User

American Championship StarCraft II Groupstage

National ESL also has a preview of the American Championship Group Stage here with a breakdown of the groups and what to watch for, its worth a read.

Not interested in StarCraft II? Be prepared for the upcoming American Championships in Counter-Strike 1.6 and Quake Live, which will be held at September 7th/8th () and September 12th/13th () to determine their eight finalists for the Continental showdown at New York's Comic Con in October.

ComicCon hosts American Championship Finals
26.08.2010 13:08
Come to New York ComicCon!

The 2010 New York City ComicCon event will be the host of Intel Extreme Masters V' American Championship Finals from October 8th to 10th with $60,200 in prizes to be given away for StarCraft 2, Counter-Strike, and Quake Live. Sponsoring the event will be none other than Intel and Razer.

This year's ComicCon will feature a stage and seating area for matches, so anyone attending can watch live action as some of the best gamers in the country go head to head. ESL TV will be providing coverage of the event with broadcasters to be announced for each game. They will also provide streaming video of the event for fans online so no one gets to miss out on the excitement.

American Championship's Group Stage is still underway, so the list of qualified players is still to be determined over the next few weeks. These players will include top gamers from their respective games, like the infamous Evil Geniuses and compLexity for Counter-Strike 1.6, the defending champion Rapha for Quake Live, and well known names like Qxc, IdrA, Silver, and HuK for StarCraft 2.

The New York City Comic Con attracted over 77,000 attendees in 2009, easily making it the second largest comic book and pop culture gathering in the country, and Crain's New York Business has ranked it as the second largest event in New York City.

If you are in the New York area and want to attend, check out ComicCon's website for ticket information.