strenx vs. COOLLERZ
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Status: closed
MatchID 21237157
Date Sunday, 23 January 12:45
Calculated Sunday, 23 January 16:29
Round Semifinals
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Result Media
2 : 3
Sunday, 23 January 13:59
dismemberment - cooller
1.2 MB, Sunday, 23 January 13:59, by daniel
Sunday, 23 January 13:31
dm13 - cooller
2.7 MB, Sunday, 23 January 13:31, by daniel
Sunday, 23 January 17:50
t4 - part 1
2.2 MB, Sunday, 23 January 17:50, by daniel
Sunday, 23 January 13:46
t7 - cooller
1.0 MB, Sunday, 23 January 13:46, by daniel

23/01/11 10:31
6:15 Aerowalk
3:7 Lost World
8:-1 Furious Heights
7:0 Dismemberment
7:8 Vertical Vengeance

The last map was interrupted at 27 seconds left to play by a power outage at a score of 6:5 in favour of cooller. The remaining time will be played around 5:30pm local time.

comments (8)
wtf is going on here? who won?
no one will ever know.
should have been strenx's game on the 5th, bad admins
Carmac says it will be game reconstruction somehow
x1t, why didn't you replace zsx in group A?
Please, please, please, post the 2nd part of T4, it was too epic to see it only once.
Yes we need 2nd part!
where's the hub demo?
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