Eight ways to watch - Pick your match!
108 matches! Which ones will you watch?
From Thursday to Sunday there will be four days full of eSports, each day featuring 12 hours with Europe's best gamers. All in all 108 matches with hundreds of maps will be played in Kiev, more than you can enjoy and most probably more than you want to enjoy. That's why we are offering all in all seven streams as well as HLTV. Go to our schedule and see which games will be broadcasted on which stream.

Overview of all available streams

ESL TV is the main stream, where Joe Miller, Rotterdam and guests will presents the most important and most exciting matches of the tournament. Premium user will enjoy an increased stream of 1700kb/s instead of the usual 1300kb/s Premium stream.

A second ESL TV stream will focus on the StarCraft 2 matches, that are not on the official event stream. HasuObs, FiLLy and SoniC will commentate these gamesfrom our studio 2 in Germany. ESL TV's Special HQ Offer also includes this stream.

LevelUp TV supports us one more time to bring you a maximum of Quake Live's duel action.

There will be HLTV for each Counter-Strike 1.6 match not broadcast by the official ESL TV stream provided by our friends from HLTV.org.

ESL TV Poland will setup a separate stream for all Polish eSports fans out there.

Cyberarena TV has three different streams for the Russian speaking part of Europe. Similar to ESL TV and LevelUp TV there will be an official main stream and two more focussing on additional StarCraft 2 respectively Quake Live matches.
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