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CyberSport Arena
Getmana Street, 13
Kiev, Ukraine

January 20th - 23rd, 2011
Tournament System
Two groups of six
Top3 qualifies for playoffs
Groups' 1st place to semi finals
Groups' 2nd/3rd to quarter finals

Top7 at World Championship
Top4 at World Championship
Top6 at World Championship
Prize Money Overview
Counter-Strike 1.6 ($50,000)
1st fnatic - $20,000
2nd mTw - $9,500
3rd Frag eXecutors - $5,500
4th Natus Vincere - $3,200
5th/6th Lions- $2,150
5th/6th MYM - $2,150
7th/8th TCM Gaming - $1,500
7th/8th SK Gaming - $1,500
9th/10th forZe - $1,250
9th/10th esahara - $1,250
11th/12th Alternate - $1,000
11th/12th mousesports - $1,000

StarCraft II ($18,000)
1st SjoW - $7,500
2nd White-Ra - $3,500
3rd DeMusliM - $1,800
4th Tarson - $1,200
5th/6th Socke - $800
5th/6th GoOdy - $800
7th/8th SarenS - $500
7th/8th Kas - $500
9th/10th ClouD - $400
9th/10th Naama - $400
11th/12th PredY - $300
11th/12th merz - $300

Quake Live ($11,000)
1st Cooller - $4,000
2nd av3k - $2,000
3rd strenx - $1,150
4th Cypher - $750
5th/6th k1llsen - $500
5th/6th fazz - $500
7th/8th Spart1e - $400
7th/8th noctis - $400
9th/10th tox1c - $350
9th/10th madix - $350
11th/12th GoHLink - $300
11th/12th zsx - $300


Kiev's Final Day - Live Updates
23.01.2011 11:20
New champions will rise!

[1:52am] Too many Terrans for White-Ra! Besides Socke the local hero was the only non Terran player at the European Championship Finals in Kiev. Unfortunately his Protoss army wasn't strong enough for the 1st place, which was claimed by Sjow from Sweden. His perfomance during the last four days was insane. He lost only two out of 16 maps in the entire tournament. This makes him the first European StarCraft II Champion of the Intel Extreme Masters.

[0:06am] Cooller was talking it! Although av3k didn't win a single map, this match was far from boring. It took four overtimes on ztn1 after Cooller equalized the score in the last second. When Cooller made his fifth frag on t7 (map number 3), av3k had enough and surrendered. This makes Cooller the new European Champion in Quake Live.

[10:55pm] The first European Champion of season 5 has been found. In December 2010 fnatic lost two of their key players to SK Gaming and had to form a new team. Xizt, Delpan and pita joined forces with fnatic's longtime players cArn and dsn. Nevertheless they didn't lose a single game in the entire tournament and beat season 3's champion mTw in the grand final.

[7:20pm] fnatic and mTw entered the stage with their personal songs and are ready to determine the first European Champion of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5. Starting map will be de_nuke followed by de_train and de_inferno, if needed.

[6:34pm] Other than any previous match the second StarCraft II semi final was already over after three maps. SjoW doesn't seem to have any problem against Tarson and will meet local's favorite White-Ra in the grand final later. The next match on stage is the first grand final featuring fnatic and mTw. Meanwhile Cypher and strenx are determining Quake Live's third place, which will also happen to StarCraft II in a few minutes with DeMusliM and Tarson on Stream 2.

[5:35pm] The remaining and probably most exciting 27 seconds of Quake Live in history have been played. Admins and players decided that the exact situation of the game at 9:33 will be restored as precisely as possible. Somehow strenx managed to force Cooller into an overtime, where strenx had to learn another lesson of Cooller school after their infamous clash in 2010.

[5:02pm] It was already the third game which went over full distance. DeMusliM and the cheered White-Ra showed five impressive maps featuring cool strategies such as Colossus drops, hidden expansions or quick defense of Dark Templars. But in the end it was the "Beast from the East", who moves to the grand final - for Aiur!

[3:55pm] Players and admins agreed to play the remaining 27 seconds. All weapons, items, spawns and so on will be recreated. Since this will take a while we are starting with the first StarCraft II semi final now and will return to Quake Live later on.

[3:15pm] And suddenly it was pitch-black. A huge power failure appeared with only 30 seconds left on the clock in the fifth and final map between Cooller and strenx. Cooller was complaining about lags while strenx was in lead with 5 to 3. It took him not even a minute to equalize the score and go into lead with 6 to 5, when the power failed. We will let you know what happened as soon as their is a decision by our admins.

[2:10pm] Frag eXecutors from Poland take the 3rd Place in the Intel Extreme Masters V European Championship after defeating Na'Vi 2:0. They are taking home a check for $5,500. Congratulations! Counter-Strike's grand final will take place in about three hours.

[1:40pm] It took the full distance, but on hektik av3k finally managed to win over Cypher. After eliminating the European champion he is now waiting for strenx and Cooller determining his opponent in the Grand Final.

[12:37pm] Cypher and av3k are ready and the first match of today is going live any minute. It's the rematch of last year's European Championship grand final. First map will be Dismemberment followed by Bloodrun, Furious Heights and if needed Aerowalk and Hektik.

[12:05pm] Welcome to the last and final day at the Cyber Sports Arena. Today three new European champions of the Intel Extreme Masters will be determined in Counter-Strike, StarCraft II and Quake Live. Counter-Strike's game for third place will start in a few minutes. It will take some more minutes for Quake Live's first semi final due to the late arrival of the players.

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Interviews with cArn, White-Ra, Spart1e and more
23.01.2011 11:20

More interviews with Carmac and White-Ra, Tarson, SjoW, fnatic|cArn, strenx, Spart1e, Socke

3rd Day in Kiev - Live Updates
22.01.2011 16:39
Playoff time!

[2:05am] It took almost four hours and exactly 100 rounds to find the remaining finalist in Counter-Strike. mTw won 51 of them and will meet fnatic in tomorrow's Scandinavian grand final. Will they become European Champions for the second time? Tomorrow we will find out!

[9:25pm] Fnatic advance to the Grand Final of the Intel Extreme Masters V European Championship in Kiev after defeating the reigning World Champion Na'Vi 3:2 in the semi-final.

[9:00pm] Socke got a small chance to attend the World Championship. He just won a five map lasting match against GoOdy to decide the fifth place. If a World Championship participant will cancel his trip to CeBIT, he may replace him.

[6:43pm] Natus Vincere and fnatic entering the stage supported by a huge cheering crowd. Of course the locals are mostly supporters of Na'Vi, but cArn takes the challenge and states that the atmosphere will affect them onl "slightly". Well, let's see!

[5:50pm] The last quarter final is over. It took five long maps of strategical TvT action to determine a winner. DeMusliM not onl moves to the semis but also receive the last European slot for the World Championship.

[4:33pm] After mTw beating Lions the top four teams at European Championship Finals are fnatic, Natus Vincere, Frag eXecutors and of course mTw. A classic one! Furthermore the last quarter final featuring GoOdy and DeMusliM is live on stage. Can GoOdy take revenge for his loss at ESL Pro Series Finals in Germany?

[3:49pm] Cooller moves to the semi finals. After four exciting and amazingly close maps the Russian oldschooler pulled down k1llsen's lead in the overtime on Furious Heights and took the game.

[3:35pm] Na'Vi and MYM received two minor penalty points each for taking a previously mentioned smoke break during their match. Two more minor penaltis were given to SarenS and av3k for arriving to late at the venue.

[3:01pm] Unfortunately one out of two Protoss dropped just out of the tournament. Socke lost three maps in a row, which makes Tarson the third known semi final participant in StarCraft II. His opponent will be SjoW.

[2:27pm] At the same time av3k and Na'Vi made their way into the semi finals. The Polish dueler saved his victory by camping nearly one minute at dm13's second yellow leading with two frags. Local hero Na'Vi had less problems scoring 6 rounds on de_dust2 than on the previous map. Next stage match will be Cooller vs. klllsen. Lions and mTw will determine Counter-strike's fourth semi final participant on HLTV in a couple of minutes.

[2:00pm] Tarson and Socke just picked maps for their upcoming match. In about 10 minutes it is going live on Lost Temple at our ESL TV studio 2 stream.

[1:46pm] Quake Live's first quarter final is starting as well. av3k takes on fazz in a Bo5 live on LevelUpTV. First map is ztn followed by dismembermemt, dm13 and if needed t7 and hektik.

[1:27pm] After winning almost as much rounds as in the regular game, the overtime ends in favour of the Ukrainians. Both teams immediately left the building for a hopefully short cigarette break. Next map is de_dust2.

[1:05pm] What a comeback by Natus Vincere. It's the first map of the playoffs and there is already the first overtime.

[12:25am] Welcome to the third day of Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Finals. The first match starts in this very moment featuring Eastern Europe's best Counter-strike teams Natus Vincere and MeetYourMakers.

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Playoff fixtures
21.01.2011 22:19
Champion wanted!

After two days with almost 90 matches the groupstage has ended. From now on it will be do or die in every single match. All second and third played participants will meet their respective counterpart in the quarter finals, which will be played tomorrow. The winner will advance to the semi finals, where all group winners are waiting.

European Championship Quarter Finals

Counter-Strike 1.6 StarCraft II Quake Live

Day 2 in Kiev - Live Updates
21.01.2011 12:22
Who will survive the groupstage?

[9:35pm] Cyber Sport Arena's local team and current World Champion already lost two games. If they want to advance, it is absolutely mandatory to win against their last opponent TCM Gaming, right now the third placed team.

[7:51pm] There will be additional matches in Counter-Strike and Quake Live after the groupstage has ended to determine a ninth respectively a seventh place. In Quake Live the winner will receive a European slot for Intel Extreme Masters' World Championship at CeBIT. Counter-Strike's decider match will only determine a possible replacement, if one team cancels their participation.

[5:47pm] Two more players for the tomorrow's playoffs have been found. Cooller and fazz qualified for Quake Live's quarter finals.

[4:43pm] Socke and SjoW follow GoOdy into the playoffs. The final matches of StarCraft 2's group B will only have some minor affects to the ranking. While SjoW and GoOdy are going to compete for the important first spot, it won't matter if Socke loses to Cloud. SarenS and PredY are unable to chase Socke from the third place, since both lost to him previously.

[4:07pm] New photos from Kiev have arrived. Have a look at our gallery of day 2.

[2:38pm] The German Terran GoOdy is the first player, who is in the playoffs one-hundred percent. He won all of his four matches so far. His last match will probably decide the winner of group B, which will advance to the semi finals, while the second and third placed have to play a quarter final match first.

[1:32pm] Cypher versus noctis was preponed, since both of them wanted to play their match now instead of 17:45 CET.

[1:15pm] It's the second day in Kiev and today the first big decisions will be made. Only three participants of each group will go into playoffs, the remaining three will drop out. Sarens and noctis won today's first matches.

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Walk through the venue
21.01.2011 11:02
Joe presents you the Kiev CyberSport Arena

1st day in Kiev - Live Updates
20.01.2011 21:42
European Championship Finals take off

[10:40pm] With White-Ra winning over Tarson the first day of the European Championship Finals ends. Nothing is decided yet, so tune in tomorrow for the groupstage decisions. Good night and see you tomorrow!

[4:50pm] Group B's matches in Quake Live and StarCraft 2 are done for today. Cypher was the only Quake player, who won both of his games. In StarCraft II GoOdy and SjoW are undefeated. The first matches of group A are already running. Tune into the stream of your choice!

[3:46pm] The first pictures of the event are available now. Get some impressions from the players, teams and the Cyber Sports Arena itself here.

[2:37pm] Hello from Kiev. After having some troubles during at the beginning the tournament are running now. While StarCraft 2 is pretty much in time, there is a delay of approximately one hour for CS.16 and Quake Live.

We'll be updating you throughout the day with the latest happenings from Cyber Sport Arena in this news. Your main sources for updates will be:

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Pictures from Kiev
20.01.2011 16:18
European Championship Finals Gallery

(Click photo to go to the full gallery.)

No zsx and no replacement
20.01.2011 11:53
British QL participation canceled

Dan 'zsx' Sanders told us that he will not participate in today's starting Intel Extreme Masters European Championship. This leaves group A with only five players. So for k1llsen, strenx, av3k, Spart1e and madix each single match will be even more important.

Eight ways to watch - Pick your match!
20.01.2011 10:45
108 matches! Which ones will you watch?

From Thursday to Sunday there will be four days full of eSports, each day featuring 12 hours with Europe's best gamers. All in all 108 matches with hundreds of maps will be played in Kiev, more than you can enjoy and most probably more than you want to enjoy. That's why we are offering all in all seven streams as well as HLTV. Go to our schedule and see which games will be broadcasted on which stream.

Overview of all available streams

ESL TV is the main stream, where Joe Miller, Rotterdam and guests will presents the most important and most exciting matches of the tournament. Premium user will enjoy an increased stream of 1700kb/s instead of the usual 1300kb/s Premium stream.

A second ESL TV stream will focus on the StarCraft 2 matches, that are not on the official event stream. HasuObs, FiLLy and SoniC will commentate these gamesfrom our studio 2 in Germany. ESL TV's Special HQ Offer also includes this stream.

LevelUp TV supports us one more time to bring you a maximum of Quake Live's duel action.

There will be HLTV for each Counter-Strike 1.6 match not broadcast by the official ESL TV stream provided by our friends from

ESL TV Poland will setup a separate stream for all Polish eSports fans out there.

Cyberarena TV has three different streams for the Russian speaking part of Europe. Similar to ESL TV and LevelUp TV there will be an official main stream and two more focussing on additional StarCraft 2 respectively Quake Live matches.

ESL TV: The Kiev weekend in HQ for €3.99 only
18.01.2011 15:29
No subscription needed - A special offer for all IEM fans!

Today we present a special offer for all fans of the Intel Extreme Masters: Watch all of the top matches that will take place this weekend in Kiev at the European Championship Finals in the CyberSport Arena.

This is what you get to see on ESL TV:

ESL TV - Event Stream: All top matches of CS, SC2 and QL
ESL TV - StarCraft II: All the other StarCraft II matches
Check the tournament schedule for streaming information

If you do not already have a regular premium subscription you can now get a special 10 day only pass for Kiev. It gives you access to the hiqh quality stream for the event, and on top of that gives you access to the Studio 2 stream for even more StarCraft II matches. For up to six days after the event you will also be able to enjoy the best games and moments from our VoD archive.

European Championship Finals Kiev in HQ for just €3.99

Enjoy the show!

No TLO in Kiev
17.01.2011 18:44
Get well soon, Dario!

Unfortunately TheLittleOne won't be able to attend the European Championship Finals in Kiev as a co-caster after all. He is very sick and doesn't feel able to cast the event. So RotterdaM will pick some of the attending 12 players to give you the best viewers experience possible.

Carmac's preview of European Championship in CS
17.01.2011 15:45
It's the very first clash of new SK and fnatic!

The golden platter for the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship in Counter-Strike 1.6 will be the first major trophy awarded in esports in 2011. And what a fantastic four days it will be leading up to that moment. Maybe even the opening of a new era. more

forZe replaces Full Gaming
12.01.2011 17:45
CS1.6 Groupstage gets support from Russia and Ukraine

Unfortunately the Danish team Full Gaming will not send their team to Kiev, where the European Champions Finals will be determined next week. Therefore one team had to replace the former p00nhandlers, which feature players such as Friis or FaagaN. A replacement for group B's was found in form of forZe, which lost to the Danes in their relegation match of the regular season. The Russian and Ukrainian mix managed to beat Lions from Sweden in the group stage and lost very close to mousesports.

TLO and calipt to beef up ESL TV in Kiev
10.01.2011 17:39
Your favorite commentators on ESL TV!

Only ten days left until Intel Extreme Masters will debut in 2011. For four days Kiev will be enriched with eSports on the highest level and so will be the commentary ESL TV. Two well known and experienced players will take a seat next to our old-schooler 2861708 Miller as well as ESL TV's latest StarCraft II reinforcement Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi.

After his appearance at gamescom's Global Challenge Dario 'TLO' Wünsch unfortunately wasn't able to participate in the regular season of the StarCraft 2 European Championship, which turns out fortunately, since he can now share his superior knowledge with you.

In Quake Live Benjamin '233925' Jakob will co-commentate the European Championship Finals. Germany's number two already impressed as guest commentator during gamescom during the playoffs stage. This time it's his fulltime job giving you insights on a professional duel player.

For Counter-Strike 1.6 Joe Miller has 60 players out of twelve teams available on site to choose from. The guest selection for the commentary will then vary. Who is the player who you would like to see co-commentating the games in Kiev?

European Championship Finals: CS, SC2 & QL groups
17.12.2010 20:00
Groups are here, who's your favorite?

All groups of the European Championship Finals are drawn. These teams and players survived the regular season and will face each other in Kiev in four weeks. The competition for the European Champion title and prize money of 79,000 USD will take place January 20th to 23rd next year being the first major eSports tournament in 2011.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Participants StarCraft II Participants
  Group A
Frag eXecutors
SK Gaming
  Group B
Lions eSportKlubb
Natus Vincere
Cph. Wolves
   Group A
  Group B

Quake Live Participants
  Group A
  Group B

av3k completes Kiev's list of players
13.12.2010 18:23
Time to prepare for the finals!

Yesterday the last player qualified for the European Championship Finals in an intensive Quake Live match. Only the winner of av3k vs. GaRpY would take group A's second spot for Kiev. Last year's European runner-up av3k lost the first map but was able to score and number two and three.

Unfortunately the first Icelandic player to attend an Intel Extreme Masters event serak had to cancel his final participation. Therefore he will be replaced by 3388541, who placed third in his group.

Everyone is waiting for av3k and GaRpY
10.12.2010 17:01
Kiev's very last participant!

While the European Counter-Strike and StarCraft II scene can already go into hibernation until January 2011, one Quake Live decision is still to be determined. To date eleven top-notch duellers already qualified for the European Championship Finals, including the reigning European Champion Cypher as well as Germany's gamescom surprise k1llsen.

All final participants are listed here. So far the Polish Quake wunderkind av3k can't be found on that list, since the very last match of Quake Live's groupstage will be played on Sunday. av3k will face GaRpY in a do or die match, since only the winner will get the last slot for Kiev.

Kiev's Counter-Strike dozen!
09.12.2010 17:12
Relegation is over, finals yet to come

Counter-Strike's relegation matches ended last night. Six more teams were determined, which will join the six group winners of the regular season. Each runner-up of the group stage had to face a third placed team from another group. This clash ended up in a tie, when both three second placed and three third placed teams won their respective relegation matches.

European Championship Finals Counter-Strike

White-Ra completes Finals in Kiev
07.12.2010 18:35
Second Protoss joins list of final participants

Great news for all StarCraft II fans out there. The last match of the European Championship groupstage brought another non Terran player to a qualification rank. 1938623 was able to defeat BratOK and gets the chance to become the European Champion in his own country.

He as well as the German player Socke will be the only Protoss in Kiev. At Germany's ESL Pro Series Finals Socke proved that he hasn't to fear any Terran, when he beat Demuslim and Cloud and claimed the first StarCraft II EPS Championship.

Terran overflow in Kiev
03.12.2010 00:11
Socke vs. United Terrans of Europe

StarCraft II's final matches have been played today. Only two of them are still about to be played as soon as possible. Almost all participants of the European Championship Finals were determined, the last decision will be made between White-Ra and BratOK tomorrow.

If White-Ra loses, Socke will not only be the only Protoss in Kiev, he will be the only non Terran player, as no Zerg managed to gain top two in his group. Even gamescom's champion Morrow failed to qualify by losing his last game to Socke.

Qualified StarCraft II Participants

Six teams are ready for Kiev
02.12.2010 18:50
Triple score by Sweden!

Six teams are already qualified for this season's European Championship Finals. While all second and third placed participants of the groupstage still have to win their previous announced relegation match, all group winners can book a trip to Kiev right now!

Three of these teams are former champions of the Intel Extreme Masters, namely AGAiN (under the flag of PGS Gaming in season one), fnaticRC (in season three) and the reigning champion Natus Vincere. Sweden continues to dominate the European starting field and is sending three teams to Kiev. Besides fnatic there will be good old SK Gaming as well as the five youngsters from Lions eSportKlubb.

Qualified CS1.6 Participants

What's in the pot at European Championship Finals?
25.11.2010 17:24
Prize Money Distribution

A total of $114,400 is the prize pot the contestants of the European Championship of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 are competing for. Get the full distribution for Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and Quake Live now!

The major part of the prize money will be given out at the European Championship Finals in Kiev. But $35,400 of the total sum are designated for the online season, where teams and players receive qualification and win bonuses. Europe's best will compete for the European Champion title and another $79,000 from 20th to 23rd of January 2011.

Prize Money Distribution

      CS 1.6 StarCraft II Quake Live


    $ 20,000
    $ 9,500
    $ 5,500
    $ 3,200
    $ 2,150
    $ 2,150
    $ 1,500
    $ 1,500
    $ 1,250
    $ 1,250
    $ 1,000
    $ 1,200
    $ 50,000

    $ 27,000
    $ 7,500
    $ 3,500
    $ 1,800
    $ 1,200
    $ 800
    $ 800
    $ 500
    $ 500
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 300
    $ 300
    $ 18,000

    $ 3,600
    $ 4,000
    $ 2,000
    $ 1,150
    $ 750
    $ 500
    $ 500
    $ 400
    $ 400
    $ 350
    $ 350
    $ 300
    $ 300
    $ 11,000

    $ 4,800

European Finals in Kiev, who's in?
19.11.2010 17:11
Five more players qualified

Second last playday ended yesterday and we can announce, that five more participants obtained their ticket for Europe's showdown in Ukraine. So all in all out of twelve final participants only one CS team, five Quake Live players and three StarCraft II players managed to qualify prior to their last match including the players, who were listed on Monday. A week full of exciting decision lies ahead of us.

Recent European Championship Finals additions

Quake Live
  • k1llsen beats av3k, wins his group
  • fazz is at least top 2
  • Cypher is at least top 2
  • zsx wins his group with only one map lost
StarCraft II
  • Kas beats Tarson, wins his group
  • In CS, nothing new is decided about Kiev, but:
  • FragX and Iron Will are at least in the relegation matches, and one of them will win the group
  • Na'Vi and Teamnor are at least in the relegation matches
  • SK and p00nhandlers are at least in the relegation matches, and one of them will win the group

Naama, Sjow, Spart1e & mTw qualified
15.11.2010 18:31
Eight Scandinavians for Kiev

The second last playday of the European Championship is here. When this weeks ends, there is only one chance left for all Counter-Strike, Quake Live and StarCraft II participants to qualify for the finals taking place in Kiev. While some teams and players already annihilated their appearance in Kiev, one team and three players can book a trip to Ukraine now. Spart1e, Naama, 969729 and mTw int. gathered enough points in their respective groups and there isn't a single combination of results which could deny their qualification for the European Championship Finals.

All in all twelve participants from each discipline will qualify for Europe's showdown in Kiev. Have a look at groupstages of Counter-Strike, StarCraft II and Quake Live to see, who will be the next to follow Spart1e, Naama, Sjow and mTw.

European Championship Finals at CyberSport Arena
22.10.2010 15:30
Dóbry djen, Ukrajina!

The Ukrainian game center CyberSport Arena will be the host of Intel Extreme Masters 5' European Championship Finals. A total of $114,400 is the prize pot the contestants of the European Championship of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 are competing for. From 20th to 23rd of January Europe's eSports elite will meet for its Continental showdown in Kiev.

CyberSport Arena is located in Ukraine's capital and is considered one of the most advanced gaming clubs in Europe. Located in the central district of the city it includes a shop for gamers, a gaming hall equipped with 200 super-modern computers on the basis of Intel Core i5 processors, a sports bar and its highlight a spectator hall for 150 visitors with all necessary television equipment for the organization of live broadcasts.

European Championship's groupstage just started, so the list of qualified players is still to be determined over the next few months. These teams and players will include top gamers from their respective games, such as reigning European and World Champions mousesports, Natus Vincere and cypher for Counter-Strike and Quake Live as well as 3606125 and DIMAGA from our newest discpline StarCraft II.

It is the first time in Intel Extreme Masters' history, that Europe's Continental season will culminate outside of Germany. We are excited to let this happen in one of the most renowned eSports locations in Europe, Kiev CyberSport Arena.