The final day of IEM World Championship
Who's gonna take home the World Champion title?
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[04:55pm] The guys from Natus Vincere took revenge on Frag eXecutors for the loss in Kiev, when the Polish won the match for 3rd place. This time both teams went to the big final. The reigning World Champion faced the World Champion of season 1. Just like rapha in Quake Live Na'Vi was able to defend the World Champion title in the last match of Intel Extreme Masters Season 5.

[04:02pm] The overtime of mTw and SK just ended with the better ending for the Danes. They not only claimed the third place in the World Championship aswell as $8,500. SK gets $4,000 for their forth place. Now all eyes are on the main stage as the Grand Final is about to continue.

[03:40pm] The smell of epicness is still present in hall 23 here at CeBIT. No winner was found when mTw and SK where playing the overtime. Now we will go for a second one!

[03:12pm] Overtime in the third place decider between mTw and SK. Whoever comes out as winner of this overtime(s) is thee third placed in the World Championship.

[02:42pm] Ace knew what he did, when he pointed at his chest and then to the trophy shortly after he won his second map. It took him five maps, but finally he was able to beat Moon, the Korean Warcraft 3 legend also known as the fifth race. Nevertheless Moon was the first player, who won a map against Ace during the entire tournament.

[01:28pm] Moon is just earning himself the name Mr. Nidus! On LT he nidused Ace about all game long till he got the final drop right in his main. This replay is definitely a must see!

[01:17pm] Moon brought the first loss map to Ace, who advanced to the Grand Final without losing a single one. Now the second map, Lost Temple, is on!

[01:12pm] SK Gaming just won the first map of the 3rd place decider match. 16:6 was the score over mTw. Now the second map will follow to bring us the first decision in CS.

[12:40pm] 3:0 - rapha really pulled of the perfect score and defended his World Champion title. By the score of 14:5 he overwhelmed Cooller on the third map as well. rapha now takes home another big trophy in his career and the biggest share of the prize pot. He is the first one in the history of Intel Extreme Masters, who defended a World Championship title. Later on Natus Vincere is able to do this, too.

[12:30pm] The second map also went very well for rapha, who won by 2:1 and is only one step away from being the old and new World Champion! Right now he is leading on the third map with quite a good advantage over Cooller. Can he really get the big 3:0 over his major rival?

[12:14pm] rapha took the very first map of the Grand Final with 5:2 in front of a very, very large and constantly growing crowd. Cooller gave him a very good fight and the match was 2:2 till the end of the third overtime. Thet's how a Grand Final should start!

[11:44am] The team of myRevenge continued their run and finished the tournament with a white vest after winning every single game. They can now call themselves the first winner of the last day of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. They take home $4,750 prize money while aAa only wins $2,750 for their second place. Third is SK Gaming who droped out in group stage number #2.

[11:16am] mOOn-GLaDe missed his chance to break the Korean domination here in Hanover. Squirtle won the 3rd place decider by the score of 3:2 on the last map and will now go back to Korea with $4,000. mOOn-GLaDe takes $2,500 back to Australia to continue his pro gaming career.

[10:17am] Next on stage is the Grand Final of League of Legends. The teams of aAa and myRevenge will face after surviving both groupstages yesterday. Who will take the trophy of the Hanover Invitational at the very first offline event?

[10:14am] strenx just finished the Bo5 versus spart1e with a clear and spectacular 3:0. 9:1 was the score on dm13 where spart1e had no real chance at all. The only time in the whole series were he was struggling, on hektik, he fought back big time and so finishes third at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. Congratulations!

[10:01am] The first map of the SC2 decider had also been started and mOOn-GLaDe is now leading 1:0 in the series versus Squirtle. Can our friend from Down Under cut into the Top 3 of Koreans here in Hanover?

[09:59am] The second map has had everything a day like this needs. strenx was a couple of frags behind and didn't look like he was going to win. But in the last minutes he made a huge comeback forcing spart1e into overtime. After the additional 2 minutes, they fought all trough, the French was on top by 20:18. Now the third map will continue the great tournament.

[09:47am] The first map has just been finished and strenx took down spart1e with 3:1. Now the second map will follow immediately!

[09:33am] The 3rd place decider is about to begin. Both spart1e and strenx are on stage to start their match which will not only decide their place but also who will take home $2,500 for the third place or $1,400 for the fourth. Enjoy the game!
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