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[07:00pm] The group stage #2 has just finished as myR won their second game and sent aAa to the second spot. Both teams won against SK Gaming so SK is the second team to drop out. myR vs. aAa is the Grand Final which will be the first League of Legends game on stage at an ESL event. Make sure you don't miss this premier either on ESL TV in HD or on the spot at CeBIT in Hall 23.

[05:20pm] Ace just finished the 3rd map versus mOOnglade and took this win too and will face Moon. Now the big Korean Grand Final is save and will be brought to you tomorrow on the final day of Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Season 5 at CeBIT!

[05:00pm] StarCraft II's second semi final is live and Ace won the second map in this very second. mOOnglade needs to win three maps in a row now or he is out. Looks like Moon will face another Protoss in an all Korean final.

[04:01pm] Cooller just made the dream final come true. With beating strenx he advances to the Grand Final and will, once again, face rapha for the title!

[03:00pm] Na'Vi just won de_tuscan after lossing a couple of rounds when they already had their 15th. Tomorrow they will face Frag eXecutors in the Grand Final. mTw will play fnatic for the third place.

[02:52pm] Moon won the series 3:2 and is our first Grand Finalist. Squirtle will now have to go for the third place and forget about this bitter loss.

[02:45pm] Moon and Squirtle will go the full distance. After four maps the score is 2:2 and we will the the final 5th map to find the 1st contestant for the Grand Final!

[02:38pm] The match of Cooller vs. strenx has been moved to 3pm CET so we can stream it on ESL TV Stream B as well as the other streams that had been announced. We are sorry, but there was no other way to bring all running matches to you.

[02:29pm] The first group stage of the League of Legends Invitational has just ended. Team Dignitas is the unlucky team that did not survive the first round. The second groupstage with SK, myR and aAa will start soon.

[02:02pm] Moon and Squirtle just finished their 2nd map and it's 1:1 right now. Tune in to Stream B if you want to see this awesome match!

[01:58pm] mTw just got the 16th round versus Na'Vi who managed a short comeback series winning quite some rounds in a row after mTw scored the 15th. We are now heading forward to the 3rd map that will be de_tuscan.

[01:29pm] mTw is leading 10:5 on de_inferno over Na'Vi. Also the streams should be back online right now.

[12:49pm] Na'Vi just won the first map, de_train, against mTw with 16:12. The second map, de_inferno, will start shortly as the major of Hanover is visiting our Hall and is guest on the stage.

[12:37pm] Frag eXecutors just won de_dust2 by 16:14 and so the match with 2:1. So the Polish advance to the Grand Final and wait for the winner of Na'Vi vs. mTw , who are playing on stage right now. Na'Vi is leading 12:9 on de_train.

[12:30pm] Due to some issues at our streaming provider own3d.tv our streams are not working right now. The SC2 match will wait for the streams to be back online. The League of Legends matches will go on as planed due to the number of matches that have to be finished today. We apologize for these problems and will fix it as soon as possible.

[11:55am] If you are waiting for the SC2 Match of Moon and Squirtle we are very sorry. The match will wait for Stream B, showing FX vs. SK right now, to be free.

[11:30am] Na'Vi vs. mTw is about to go live on main stage here at CeBIT. Both teams will miss the decision who claims the first spot for the Grand Final, but bring a big show to the constantly growing crowd in Hall 23.

[11:30am] SK Gaming just won de_nuke by 16:09. Now they will play Frag eXecutors on de_dust2, the third map, for advancing to the Grand Final!

[11:03am] Frag eXecutors have won on de_train with 16:10 vs. SK Gaming. Now de_nuke is on and the half time score is 8:7 in favor of SK. If the Swedes take the second map home, we will see de_dust2 as the deciding third map!

[10:08am] Frag eXecutors have won the first half on de_train with 11:04 over SK Gaming. Are the Polish able to regain the title after three long years?

[10:05am] Here to stay World Champion? rapha says yes by showing an impressive performance especially on the third map of this series. The reigning champion can now enjoy the second semi final and prepare for his possible opponents. spart1e now has to aim for the 3rd place.

[09:50am] rapha just won the second map after a really tough fight with spart1e. The reigning champion is only one map away from advancing to the Grand Final now!

[09:25am] spart1e and rapha just went on stage to play their semi final in a few minutes live on ESL TV Stream A. The CS match of FX vs. SK is taking place in the PG Area and will be brought to you on ESL TV B. Enjoy the first two of a total of six semi finals today!

[08:43am] Intel is running a stage test with two very special guests who will be on stage at 3pm this afternoon. Everybody here is very exited about this. Make sure you won't miss that!
Soodi, Friday, 04/03/11 04:42
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I think navi fx rapha cooller moon ace
Ohh cmon x3 counter strike, damn LoL and we cannot see SC2 semis ?? Ridiculous.
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nice come back SK ftw !!!!
Go SK! Streams are breaking tho :(
sick match FX ,, go Navi
The streams are down again, you should consider another streamer, because own3d.tv is the stain of this amazing IEM.

BTW: thanks, for the updates.
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#6 own3d.tv is doing a great job as we can, together with them, fix all problems quite faster than it had been before. Also this is the very first time for us to bring this mauch HD content on so many channels. We are working on this and will, as always, become better and better :)
You take the observation: who played 1/4 win in semifinale: Navi, FX, rapha?
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I wonder why you set this flag for FX: http://eslgfx.net/gfx/flags/small/dk.gif

FX - DK? Noooo :P This is the god flag: http://eslgfx.net/gfx/flags/small/pl.gif
Go FX! Show them what is goin' on :) Jazda, Panowie!
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