Liveupdates: 3rd day of CeBIT
Who's gonna make it to the semi finals?
[05:01pm] Cooller just underlined his ambition to win the title by kicking out av3k with the score of 3:0. Now he has to face strenx in tomorrows semi final.

[04:30pm] We are very sorry if you missed the start of Cooller vs. av3k . There were some problems with our streaming host, which caused the streams to have no signal. The streamers are in the games and the problems should be fixed now.

[04:05pm] rapha just ended the game by winning 3:1 against DaHanG. The match of Cooller vs. av3k will be on shortly!

[03:23pm] rapha vs. DaHanG is the first quarter final running not only deciding one of the semi final participants but also which of them is the American staying in the tournament. Right now rapha is leading after winning the first map. Map 2 is up on ESL TV and LVLUP TV in a few minutes.

[02:01pm] Na'Vi also won de_train with 16:05 over coL. So we do see all European CS 1.6 semi finals tomorrow here at CeBIT 2011. Now the stage goes to the ESL Pro Series for the first Intel Friday Night Game of the German season featuring FIFA 11 2on2, StarCraft II and CS:Source. The Quake fans have to tune in to the Eventstream #2 and LVLUp #1. Enjoy the matches!

[01:22pm] Na'Vi just won de_dust2, the first map of the quarter final, against coL. Now we are moving on to de_train. Are the Brazilians able to cut into the all European semi finals?

[12:50pm] mOOn-GLaDe takes out the Cologne champion MorroW with the score of 3:1 in an extremely thrilling series. The funny guy from Down Under will face Ace in the semi final tomorrow. So we have three Koreans and one Australian in the semi finals of the World Championship.

[12:14pm] MorroW takes the first map as he won the first bigger fight in the game and pushed right in the moment when mOOn-GLaDe could not defend his just finished expension. Now it's time for map 2 in this superb ZvZ bash!

[12:03pm] Now it's time for StarCraft II on the big stage. MorroW will now face mOOn-GLaDe in the second quarter final. Who will make it to the semis? Tune in to ESL TV Stream 1 to find out!

[11:50am] Team Frag eXecutors is one step closer to the Grand Final as they also won on de_nuke with 16:10 over fnatic. The Swedes could only win one round as T cause of the superb performance of the Polish. Frag eXecutors will face SK Gaming tomorrow in the semi finals.

[11:33am] Another close result as Frag eXecutors loses the first half as T with 7:8 to fnatic. The pistol round is going to the Polish so we can expect another close half here.

[10:51am] The map goes to Frag eXecutors with 16:14. In an AWP duel between pasha and delpan the Polish had the happy ending on his side. fnatic now has to win the next two maps to keep the hopes of another Intel Extreme Masters title alive.

[10:39am] Squirtle just won the series and put an end to IdrA's hopes to win. Squirtle will have to play Moon on Friday in the semi finals.

[10:31am] The match of Squirtle and IdrA is at 2:2 and the final map running right now. Who will take the series home?

[10:20pm] The halftime score of fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors is 9:6 in favor of FX. Will the Polish win the first map or can fnatic pull off a comeback?

[10:00am] With a slight delay we officially started the playoffs with the stage match of fnatic vs. Frag eXecutors
Soodi, Thursday, 03/03/11 04:12
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FX looking very promising compared to their game vs mTw yesterday. Maybe they did learn a lesson? :)

Also Squirtle beating IdrA was a really cool match!
FX will play against SK
and Na'Vi will play against mTw

DahanG is going to win against rapha
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Well play fx. navi will win the match against co.
rapha vs DaHanG a bit more intense than it should have to be. rapha missing gmillions of rails atm and ztn coming up... Can only hope he finds his aim!
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