Day 2: Who's going to advance to playoffs?
Who's going to join SK, Ace, spart1e and co in the playoffs?
[08:18pm] Squirtle finally broke the cirle of Tie Brackers and qualifies for the quarter final taking place here at CeBIT tomorrow all day long. Tune in to ESL TV and see all the next deciding matches in HD or on the spot in Hall 23!

[07:43pm] The epic groupstage continues it's epicness as we SjoW lost the last match of Tie Bracker #3 what brings us to the next Tie Bracker #4. We will start the next stage in a few minutes. Stay tuned!

[07:30pm] Squirtle, SjoW and Socke are still playing the Tie Bracker. It's round 3 in the Tie Bracker now, as all players failed to win a second game. Now it's up to SjoW and Squirtle to find a winner or start the 4th round of Tie Brack.

[05:45pm] mTw won the group even tough they lost pretty clearly to coL, with 3:16, who now take second place. Frag eXecutors placed third and will also go to the quarterfinals starting tomorrow.

[05:35pm] The group A of Quake Live is now finished. strenx, DaHanG and av3k advance to the playoffs starting tomorrow. strenx won the group and will start in the semi finals. DaHanG and av3k will have to take the hard way trough the quarter finals first.

[05:30pm] Moon and mOOn-GLaDe had a hard fight but the "5th race" took the win. 2:0 brings Moon one step closer to becoming World Champion as he is qualified for the semi final now. The last spot will be cleared after the last match of the tie breaker between SjoW and Socke.

[04:55pm] mTw is only one match away from the clear 5 out of 5 in the group stage. Their last opponent, coL, will get a hard time stopping the rolling Danes. Frag eXecutors also have a save second slot, as only coL can get to their score but have lost against them. So the last slot can still be caught by all teams and we will se some quiet interesting matches!

[04:50pm] As Socke won his match 2:0 we are now going to see a tie braker, best of 1 between SjoW, Socke and Squirtle. The winner will take the 2nd quarter finals slot for group A.

[03:47pm] As we talked about the chances for SjoW, Socke and Squirtle, we just saw that a three way tie is possible here. If Socke wins and Squirtle beats Sjow by the score of 2:0 they all end up with the same points, same map ratio and individual score if you only count these three in. Let's what happens!

[03:43pm] Big showdown in group A, as Moon and mOOn-GLaDe will face for the semi finals slot in the last match of the groupstage. The winner goes to the semi final while the loser will have to play the quarter final first. The 3rd and last spot will be decided between the remaining players but Fenix who didn't show his a play and lost all matches so far.

[03:10pm] mTw made its third victory in a row and is on a pretty good way advancing directly to the semis. All other teams except for Frag eXecutors are tied with one win and two losses. It's going to be a tough race for place three at least.

[02:26pm] Moon now has to play SjoW on stage to make the big match for the semi finals versus mOOn-GLaDe possible. Can he continue his streak too?

[02:10pm] Currently only mTw has a white west and is leading the ranking. So this evening might offer the about the same tense as yesterday's did.

[01:33pm] With his win over Socke, Moon is the big winners of the last minutes. Due to his second won matches in group stage he's the biggest challenger of mOOn-GLaDe for the direct qualification for semi finals. If the Australien wins his match against Fenix their duel will be the big decider in Group A!

[12:33pm] mTw is almoste trough groupstage. In their stagematch versus FX, they continued their run and won by the score of 16:3. So the Danes only lost 5 rounds in total so far. Will they keep their streak up?

[12:20pm] mOOn-GLaDe is making him self one of the big names here at the World Championship. Even in his match vs. SjoW he was unstopable. Now he is on the track of Ace, who managed to win his group with five wins in a row. Also Fenix lost his third match to Squirtle

[12:00pm] Our gallery is soon to be updated with a load of pictures of todays matches. Beside of that all tournaments are running right now and we will give you some updates as soon as more matches are done.

[11:20am] The second round of group stage has been played and so the favorites for the playoffs are getting a bit more clear. mOOn-GLaDe and SjoW both won their two matches. The Koreans Squirtle and Moon have one win and one loss on their account. Fenix and Socke have had a bad start with two loss in a row.

[10:39am] compLexity just won their first match 16:8 over UMX. So the first round of groupstage has been finished with mTw, FX and coL on the first 3 spots.

[10:30am] The first three matches of groupstage are finished. mOOn-GLaDe, Squirtle and SjoW are the first victorious players.

[10:23am] The first Counter-Strike matches had some quite clear results. FX won by 16:3 over M5 and mTw made it even more clear with 16:2 over TCM.

[10:05am] DaHang lost the first map to k1llsen but started a big comeback and won both the 2nd and 3rd map. strenx vs. av3k is up next.

[09:42am] Counter-Strike just started with FX leading clearly against M5. The other games started only a few moments ago.

[09:26am] The first matches are on the way and Take is joined by TLO for the first matches here. Fun fact: Squirtle had to see the overview images of all maps to get the english names right.

[09:24am] DaHang and k1llsen have been introduced to the audience and now it's time for Joe and czm bring you the first stage match of the day. Tune in on Stream #1!

[08:44am] The music is starting to pump in hall 23 as the very first match of the day is starting soon. k1llsen will face DaHang in Quake Live on start starting day 2 officially. Stay tuned for all the action of the day and have a look at the schedule for all matches of the day.
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will join mtw fx compl, dahang, strenx, sjow
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strenx looking really good so far. And so is SjoW and Moon :D
Counter strike : mTw,FX and coL are going to join SK and the others.
DahanG for the win on quake
Starcraft : SjoW is going to kick their a**es :D
mOOn-GLaDe surprize or no?
fx power
How epic is this??!?!??!!
awesome show!
Epic tie!
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