World Championship: The results of day one
These players and teams advanced to the playoffs
Counter-Strike - Group B:
SK Gaming (Semifinal)
Natus Vincere (Quarterfinal)
fnaticRC (Quarterfinal)

StarCraft II - Group A:
4050828 (Semifinal)
3606178 (Quarterfinal)
3606125 (Quarterfinal)

Quake Live - Group B:
Spart1e (Semifinal)
4314184 (Quarterfinal)
COOLLERZ (Quarterfinal)

See you tomorrow for part two of the World Championship's groupstages!
Soodi, Tuesday, 01/03/11 12:42
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Awesome sk ane ace
Thought Cooller had better map points than Spart1e.
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