What's going on at CeBIT?
The first playoff participants to be determined soon
[05:35pm] SK Gaming, Na'Vi and fnatic advance to the playoffs taking place the day after tomorrow. But before that we will search for the other nine playoff participants in our three games. See you tomorrow for even more action!

[05:35pm] Spart1e did it! He advances directly to the semi finals and leaves Cooller and rapha behind. Both of the continental champions have to start in the quarter finals to keep the chance to become the World Champion on Saturday!

[05:23pm] Group A has been decided: Ace advances directly to semi finals, IdrA and MorroW advance to the quarterfinals where their opponents will be found tomorrow.

[05:20pm] Na'Vi and SK drawed in the last top match before the last three matches are played parallel. Now the group is even closer than it was before. The last three matches will bring a hell of an atmosphere here at CeBIT!

[05:01pm] The group of death turned upside down? Indeed! As rapha, Cooller and Cypher have no chance to win anymore. The possible winners are Spart1e or dandaking. Only czm winning his first match would turn thing a bit more "right". Who's going to succeed in this group?

[04:27pm] Three way tie on the way? If MorroW beats IdrA and White-Ra wins his match against Tarson, we have three players on the spots 2 to 4. Guess old Murphy loves some good SC2 action!

[04:03pm] For all CS fans who haven't seen enough matches yet, ESL TV stream 2 will bring some of the last matches of group B. After the draw of SK and Lions there is still a lot possible. Now the matches of Na'Vi versus SK and fnatic will be shown live!

[03:37pm] Ace the first playoff participant. With his 2:0 over Tarson the Korean got his 4th win out of four matches. Due to the left matches he also already won the group as the other players can't reach him anymore. Congratulations!

[03:03pm] fnatic keeps going towards the playoffs. 16:7 was their score versus Team EG. codeRed and Na'Vi are their last opponents in group stage. Na'Vi also just finished their match winning over redCode with 16:8. So SK, fnatic and Na'Vi have the best chances to advance.

[02:15pm] Na'Vi just finished their match versus Lions but not with the result many fans might have thought of. 16:10 for Lions was the end of the game which makes Na'Vi having to fight real hard for moving on to playoffs. Together with fnatic and Lions they now place right behind SK Gaming. A tough group will continue shortly!

[01:45pm] Cooller is victorious over rapha. 2:1 is the score that makes the US champion drop from the first position and the fight for playoffs between these two rivals even more tensed.

[01:14pm] IdrA underlined his performance so far and won his match against Tarson with 2:1. So he is the 2nd in his group and the next best right behind Ace so far.

[12:50pm] Next on stage are some big matches for all fans of Quake Live and SC2. rapha vs. Cooller will be up next on stage followed by three StarCraft II matches with Ace vs. MorroW , IdrA vs. White-Ra and a third match picked depending on the results. So tune in to the stage stream, if you like some awesome QL and SC2 action!

[12:42pm] White-Ra over MorroW on three maps! After the loss to Ace, White-Ra is now back on track after the win over the Collogne champion. Next on schedule are IdrA vs. Tarson and qxc vs. White-Ra .

[12:27pm] SK won 16:7 over fnatic and so got revenge for their loss at the European Championship in Kiev. SK is leading in group B and now has to take on Lions in the next match following soon.

[12:12pm] SK just won the first half on de_nuke with 11:4 as T against fnatic. Na'Vi managed to get a 10:5 against EG on de_inferno as CT. The CS matches can be watched on ESL TV B or HLTV.

[11:55am] Cypher vs. Cooller is the next match up on stage, after rapha took the first win over czm. It's not only a high class Quake Live match but also the very first Free HD match you can enjoy. Get a sneak peak at our new HD quality and buy your HD pass, if you like it!

[11:45am] Ace is dominating group A right now. He won both of his matches 2:0. His opponents were not the big underdogs but White-Ra and IdrA. Next he will play the Cologne champion MorroW at about 1pm. Can he keep his streak up?
Soodi, Tuesday, 01/03/11 05:51
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you keep going sir
Ace is kicking ass!
Talking about surprises in the QL scene =O
Go navi . . .win iem!
One too many swe flags in the 2:15 entry :). Nice ongoing reports though!

Spart1e losing to danda might be a bit surprising, kwatsch, but the biggest surprise of the day has to be lions beating na'vi... Overall my guesswork of who passes group stages seems to be failing on several fronts :D
Spartie winning from Cooller, cypher and rapha looks more like a surprise to me :)

Predictions were always 2 correct :(
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