"I missed IdrA vs. qxc! Where can I get the replays?"
How to get replays, demos etc.
Due to the enormous number of matches today, our admins are very busy to get all matches played on time or to help with all kinds of problems. So please, if the match you missed is not online right now have some patience and check the played matches from the three groupstage overviews later on. Latest this evening our admins will upload as much as possible.

Groupstage - Groupstage - Groupstage

If you have any wishes what should be uploaded first, write the matches in the comments. We will try to get the most demanded files a bit earlier.
Soodi, Tuesday, 01/03/11 05:07
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would love to have the idra and white -ra replays!!!
idra vs morrow please.
was the only sc2 game that wasn't casted!
forest ineye on nuke as T against fnatic and face in eye on train against navi ;-) there has been so many crazy situations, dont even know them all
There are only 2 Starcraft vods up at the moment? Were only 2 games cast? I wanna see the vods of Idra v qxc!
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