First results from the pro gaming area
IdrA and fnatic to score the first points
While the stage is still on warmup the pro gaming area is already rocking the CeBIT. IdrA was the first player to score here at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship. While he got a 2:0 over qxc, fnatic scored 16:5 against Lions. Stay tuned for further results and keep an eye on all our TV streams!
Soodi, Tuesday, 01/03/11 04:15
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where i can download the replays?
Right in the matches. Just keep an eye on them :)
So psyched about things getting up and running. Hope it's as awesome as last year!
It was expecting,more for fnatic,but +3p in death group it s cool. Nice for idra too.usa champion!
fnatic isn't the old fnatic, and it shows sometimes. Think they just need to get comfortable though and they will be back in business. cArn will make sure that happens fast enough :)
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