Free HD: IdrA vs. White-Ra & Cypher vs Cooller
Enjoy the new ESL TV HD experience: Two matches for free!
Today we will not only start the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship but also a new ESL TV era. The CeBIT 2011 is the very first event to be streamed in HD quality. To get an impression of how awesome this new stream is, you can watch two matches in HD quality for free!

05:25 EDT Cypher vs. Cooller
08:35 EDT IdrA vs. White-Ra

Enjoy the show!
Soodi, Tuesday, 01/03/11 03:24
comments (3)
Great. I bet on idra and cypher. So gl. Awesome matches ^7^
Can you please stop switching POV's between players 3 times a second during battles, or could you at least announce just before you do? its very amatuerish... and hard to take in...
Cypher vs. Cooler links to IdrA vs. White-Ra match. Can you please fix this.
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