Here is your chance to win!
This is your way to awesome Razer gear!
During the World Championship starting on Tuesday at CeBIT, Germany, you will not only see world's best gamers fighting for the Intel Extreme Masters championship title but also have the chance to win something as well. It doesn't matter if you're watching the whole show from home or if you are on site.

1. Become the #1 Fan Contest

What do i have to do?
    Long story short, please read this news carefully and post your pictures there.
What can i win?
    1st place: Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU
    2nd & 3rd place receives a Razer bundle: mouse + mousepad + headset
    5 randomly chosen entries receive a Razer mousepad

2. Prediction Contest

What do i have to do?
    Before each stage of the World Championship we will have a separate news announcing a prediction contest. We will ask you to predict who will advance to the next phase (or win) in each game SEPARATELY – e.g. you can predict the results for StarCraft II only or for all of the three games. We will have separate reward drawings for each discipline. Your predictions have to be posted as comments to the regarding news (the first one regarding the groupstage will be published on Monday). Each prediction contest will be closed the moment the first match of each phase is about to start.
What can i win?
    Group Stage: Razer mousepads
    Quarter Finals: Razer mice
    Semi Finals: Razer mice and mousepads
    Grand Final & 3rd Place decider: Razer headsets

3. „Photo of the day“ Contest

What do i have to do?
    This is for all people, who are attending CeBIT. Take your own photos, upload them anywhere and post the link to these photos as comments to THIS news including the phrase „photo of the day contest“. The theme for the photos is ‚eSports‘. These may be photos of our players participating in the tournaments in hall 23 or photos of the cheering crowd etc. Every day a „jury consisting of ESL officials“ will choose the photo of the day.
What can i win?
    Each photo of the day receives a Razer mousepad

4. Make comments and win

What do i have to do? What can i win?
    Each day a random comment will get a 3 month Quake Live Premium token
Good luck and enjoy our World Championship!
otacon, Sunday, 27/02/11 15:07
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that's awesome well done.
this is great :)
nice :)
photo of the day contest
safe guys
another day, another chance!

Photo of the day contest
another day, another chance :)

Photo of the day contest
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