This is what you get with ESL TV's CeBIT HD Pass
Convince yourself of ESL TV's HD quality
For the first time ever an Intel Extreme Masters event will be broadcasted in HD. ESL TV's CeBIT HD Pass is available for €6,50 or $9,00 and will allow you to choose from more than 10 different HD streams during World Championship at CeBIT.

Joe Miller recasted last years Counter-Strike 1.6 World Championship Grand Final between Natus Vincere and fnaticRC in our studio 2. To give you a small preview of the awesome quality you can experience during the whole World Championship of season 5, we made this VoD available for all of you in HD.

Season 4 Grand Finals in HD Part 1 (Part 2)
otacon, Saturday, 26/02/11 14:22
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look great
Looks Amazing even for DVI, I dont have a 1080p to confirm but its the best Ive seen in awhile!
Makes me wish I was watching the event from home! :)
What does HD mean? 720p or maybe 1080p?
i think 1080
The HD stream will be 720p.
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