Three streams are not enough!
ESL TV & many more to deliver your daily eSports dose!
Beside the three english stream ran by ESL TV in HD we will also have some very nice partner, who will bring you more matches of specific games or commentate the matches in other languages.

So LVLUP TV, MIBR and other partners will bring you more matches in more languages to make every single fan of the Intel Extreme Masters as happy as possible during the World Championship.

Overview of all HD streams during World Championship 2011

ESL TV #1 All mainstage matches
ESL TV #2 Even more CS and SC2 matches
ESL TV #3 All League of Legends matches on Friday
ESL TV Studio 2 German commentary for chosen matches
Russian #1 CS broadcast in Russian
Russian #2 SC2 broadcast in Russian
Russian #3 QL broadcast in Russian
ESL TV Poland #2 Broadcast in Polish
LVLUP TV #1 Quake Live matches
MIBR TV Broadcast in Portuguese

These streams are also available in low quality for free.

Order your CeBIT HD pass now!

Overview of all additional free streams

LVLUP TV #2 Quake Live matches without commentary
ESL TV Poland #1 Broadcast in Polish
ESL TV Spanish CeBIT broadcast in Spanish
Chinese CeBIT broadcast in Chinese

Check the official schedule for all times and matches on all the streams.

The official schedule

We are always trying to bring you the best and most interesting matches live on air. So times and pairings might change due to more important matches.
Soodi, Thursday, 24/02/11 14:12
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We're not done working on this, so hopefully we will have more to announce.
djeez! how cool!
I really hope Fenix wins sc2 He has been showing alot of promise lately and he is personally my fav. As well as cant wait to watch these matches its a gamers dream to be like these guys and these guys only dream to keep getting better!.
more streams, more fans...yeaaaah !!!
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