DeMusliM withdraws because of his arm injury
Socke to replace him in Group B
A sad news arrived today as Benjamin 'DeMusliM' Baker told us he is not able to take part in the World Championship of Intel Extreme Masters starting next week at CeBIT. His arm injury, you might have heard of, stopped him from getting in shape for this tournament so he passes his slot on to the 5th from Kiev.

The lucky one in this story is Giacomo 'Socke' Thüs, who will now get the chance to reach for the World Champion title in Hanover. He will join Group B with Fenix, mOOn-GLaDe, Moon and more.
Soodi, Thursday, 24/02/11 08:34
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NOOOOOOO, that is very sad news indeed, but a great chance for socke.

Get well Mr. Demuslim :P

Ps. First !!!
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nice one gogo socke
sry demu :D
I can't say I'm glad Demuslim's got health problems, but I'm certainly glad we've got one more Protoss in the mix!
sad for Demuslim, but gl Socke
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