Day[9], TLO, lurppis and more to commentate CeBIT
World Championship's caster lineup!
ESL TV's experts Joe Miller and Kevin 'Rotterdam' van der Kooi called for backup to enrich CeBIT's five days of eSports awesomeness with the best voices available. Both top-notch players and some of the most famous eSports casters will take a seat at ESL TV's desk. Finnish Counter-Strike legend lurppis will support Joe as well as QuadV's A_Spec, who will also doing the Quake Live part.

After his great appearance at gamescom 2010 Day[9] is once again heading to Germany, where he will also meet Liquid|TLO. The first League of Legends tournament in Intel Extreme Masters' history will be presented by none other than Phreak from Riot Games and between the matches you will get to see TaKe as the official host and Liefje, our charming field reporter.

World Championship Caster Crew
    Dennis 'Take' Gehlen - Host
    Joe Miller - CS1.6, QL & LoL
    Kevin 'Rotterdam' van der Kooi - SC2

    Sean 'Day[9]' Plott - SC2
    Tomi 'lurppis' Kovanen - CS1.6
    Matthijs 'a_spec' Hoving - CS1.6, QL
    Dario 'TLO' Wünsch - SC2
    David 'Phreak' Turley - LoL
    Livia 'Liefje' Teernstra - field reporter
otacon, Sunday, 20/02/11 09:29
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Looking forward to it...

PS. Joe buy some eye drops ;)
The event's going to be fantastic for sure!
Carmac wrote:
The event's going to be fantastic for sure!

good luck ;P
PLEASE keep this is mind...
If TLO enters a tournment... bring HuskyStarcraft to commentate :P
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