Na'Vi vs. EG to open World Championship
Five days full of top-notch eSports
Less then two weeks until season 5's culminating event is going to happen at CeBIT, Germany. World's best gamers will meet in Hanover to determine the new champions in Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft II and Quake Live. In World Championship's first match the reigning World Champion Natus Vincere takes on Team EG from America.

Have a look what ESL TV's experts Joe Miller and Kevin van der Kooi have to say. Who is going to survive Counter-Strike's and Quake Live's group B of death? Which StarCraft II gosus from Korea will face the American and European elite? And how Australia's m00nglade going to perfom?

World Championship Schedule

Expect five days filled with tons of the best eSports action you can imagine. Choose from multiple streams to follow the game you want so see. Here is a small overview of the content, but also we have some big surprises to be released shortly. We will publish more details regarding the schedule and streams on the following days.

    March 1st, Tuesday - All matches of Group B, Group A, Group B
    March 2nd, Wednesday - All matches of Group A, Group B, Group A
    March 3rd, Thursday - All Quarter Finals and ESL Pro Series Germany IFNG
    March 4th, Friday - All Semi Finals
    March 5th, Saturday - All Grand Finals
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Special stream again for the tourny? :>
will at saturday be the game for 3rd place too?
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