TyLoo out, UMX are in!
UMX-Gaming at World Finals!
Team UMX-Gaming will fill in for TyLoo, the famous Counter-Strike 1.6 team from China. We are of course very unhappy that they are not able to attend, since their performance at previous events made them 100% worthy to participate in the Intel Extreme Masters.

UMX-Gaming: They already proved their 1.6 skills

UMX-Gaming have already announced on their website that they are very proud to be able to come to Hanover.

Now we are looking forward to UMX's performance at the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship, March 1st - 5th 2011. Online they finished third in the Season 5 Qualifier for China. Last year they placed second at the Intel Extreme Masters Asian Championship Finals, which took place in Taipei, Taiwan.
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I want to highlight that other than HLTV announced, TyLoo is not being substituted by e-SAHARA. It is actually UMX, because UMX is the next Asian team waiting in line.
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UMX Fighting!!!
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